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  1. I can’t delete, report, reply, nothing to a message, neither from the browser nor from the app!
  2. Clearance might take up to 6-12 hours based on the timezone you live. If it says 17th, you need to wait as 17th isn’t finish yet!
  3. You were just featured on one of my favourite channel! 🤨
  4. If you can’t verify your Payoneer account, Fiverr Customer support won’t do anything. It’s not on their hands. Then ask them to at least release your associated Fiverr account. Call their number using hangout, calling is effecting than sending mail. They don’t care about mail I think.
  5. Contact Payoneer Customer support to verify your account.
  6. What’s the point of this post? Are you bound to sell at $5 with some kind of Terms of Services or something? :thinking:
  7. Ignore such requests. I think sellers are not seeing much buyer requests these days, so using their leftovers to such offers. Like I use only 2-3 offers out of 10 a day. I often see, “Need a website like myblog.blogspot.com”, Need a site like “examplesite.com” These people are not also buyer, they are just abusing the system and trying to drive traffic from Fiverr.
  8. It’s a scammer. What gives you the impression it’s a reputable user? I’ve had clients tell me about sellers who do this and it puzzles me why they would agree to it. All the fancy five start reviews of course!! 😁
  9. Hello there, welcome to the forum. 7.7 billion people are walking on a small planet, and Fiverr isn’t a out of the world thing, so it should be crowded. 😁 Don’t take it as a big deal and keep up the good work! Have fun!!
  10. When the scammer seeking your attention but you did exactly what they asked and you’re fearless!
  11. Small, but truly an encouraging message. Keep up the positive impression, you have a long way ahead! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  12. I couldn’t browse the forum, but haven’t noticed the main site ⏰
  13. In order to withdraw, you have to wait until January 12.
  14. Hi, no worries, I have replied to one of your post under some thread with some facts. But, it’s clear from your screenshot that the fund will be clear on January 12, and you will be able to withdraw. No need to contact CS, just seat back and relax 🙂
  15. Hi, I can assure you as a fellow seller that this site isn’t a scam. What was your clearance date? Note that, when you deliver an order, it takes 3 days to automatically mark as completed if the buyer doesn’t accept it or do it manually. And, then there is a 14 days clearance period. Your fund will be stuck on your earning page for 14 days when the order is marked as complete. Then it will be added in Available for withdrawal option and you can proceed to withdraw the funds. If everything goes as programmed, yet the fund isn’t clear, you can contact CS with the issue. To submit a request follow the link: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new?source=help_center
  16. They are just signing in multiple accounts from a single device and coffeehouse or co-working space with the same networks are just false claims. I have been using my account from February 2017 with a shared network where three of my buddies are regular Fiverr user and when some teamwork/hangout going on, there are maybe 6-7 people use the Fiverr account. Never heard of any issues with anyone’s account! And, yes, they look up at the IP address, not the physical address. But, my point is when you are connected to the internet, your device assigns an Internal IP address, which is always unique. Unless you log in multiple accounts with the same device, it will report back to one account with one IP, no problem at all. Long story short: If you and your dad are connected to the same Wi-Fi with two different devices, yours and your dad’s IP addresses are not same.
  17. Every device has a different mac address. That’s call internal IP Address. There shouldn’t be a problem or issue if the devices aren’t same. Wrong! I said, like a physical address. That doesn’t mean physical address is IP address. Your device already has a physical address, whether it’s connected to the internet or not. However, when you are connected to the internet, it assigns an Internal IP address for itself which is unique, and yes, it changes periodically!
  18. You have to understand how IP addressing works. Though you and your roommates are on the same network, that doesn’t mean everyone has the same IP address. When both of you using the same network, that means you’re using a modem that has an external IP address, and it will stay the same for both of you and everyone else who uses the same network. But, like every device have a unique physical address when you will be connected to the internet, it will have an internal (and unique) IP address. So, when both of you are connected to the internet using the same modem, you have the same external IP address but different internal IP addresses. So, if you don’t login multiple accounts from one device, Fiverr will always get the reports of you and your teammates using separate IP addresses, and that shouldn’t be an issue.
  19. I just got an order asking something completely different than what my gig offers. And, then after explaining to the honorable buyer, he is like: It’s now or never!!! meantime, I’ve no words
  20. You can withdraw money, or shows in your Available for Withdrawal 14 days after the order is marked as completed.
  21. It might be a good idea. It feels like we’re talking to a brick wall (or a bunch of brick walls), anyway. Perhaps an account warning will make them listen, and if not and they get themselves banned, we’ll only have to endure a bit of crying that they got banned for no reason, and then they’ll be gone. banana plants sound appealing image600×809 182 KB
  22. Yet it says, it’s already connected to an account. In that case, get in touch with Customer Support, they have your answer! Keep us updated about the solution, that might help someone else having similar problem. 🙂
  23. If you would like to use your existing phone number or email address for your new account, you must first change the phone number or email address on your existing account, and then close the account. Did you do that?
  24. Having more than one account is a violation of Fiverr Terms of Services. You can close any of the accounts you want, or ask CS to close one. And, about adding phone numbers, you can sign in to your old account to check if that is connected to your phone or not. I mean as the system said, your phone number is already associated with another account, it’s hard to ignore a program. We, humans, make more mistakes or forget things than a machine does. Technically, the machine doesn’t do such things at all, unless we make mistakes while programming them.
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