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I am new here. working as a wordpress developer

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I am new on fiverr
I work about HTML ,WordPress and php. already have created 2 new gigs manually and working for this to get first Order. But I don’t understand that how to increase my gigs impression, view and click?
Most common problems are buyer request. I have not found buyer request that s related my working performance. So that could not sent buyer request to get related job. any suggestion here? Can you check my gigs to find out reason?

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Dear clean

No need to worry if you want to get views,impression,& click you have to share more social media.

If you not found more active offer than you have to wait otherwise you should make another gig.

Thank you.

Thanks for your Tips! As you are new too. How to get your first Order and Successfully achieved 5 star. Any special way Or simple way that i think?

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