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I am not getting any Orders :(


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Same here, this is my first week getting active on Fiverr and sending offers at “Buyer Requests” arena, no luck yet. Competition is hard since there are tonnes of more professional talents offering services at $5-$20. Wishing you best of luck, brother!

PS: To anyone that might be wondering, I’m an amateur voice-over artist and counselling friend. Totally love and enjoy what I’m doing, as I have been serving others since 2010 in real life. Fiverr is my first electronic attempt. I do Video and Audio Chats too. Wish me luck, and please feel free to promote my gigs to your friends. 😉 hehehe…

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You need to fix your packages and explain more about exactly what you are offering. Suggest you check other sellers to see how you complete this but do NOT copy them. Also leave the last sentence out of your profile description as it does not make sense.


Thanks for responding

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