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  1. Hey, I discovered this community a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised😳 Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔??? Well, I'll get to the topic. I've been on Fiverr for a whole year. My services have been posted, but to no avail. I left Fiverr for a month, then came back and saw that a client had requested my service. I answered, but I missed my chance because I was late for it.😬 .. This is my story for a whole year, and I am here to sell my services, which I am working hard on, but to no avail, Sorry for the spelling errors.. Translated by Google, with my sincere regards See that before leave ; ] and some little advice ❤️
  2. I just started my first fiverr account 1 month ago and to be honest didn't expect to get a lot of orders but I haven't got anything. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
  3. Hi Mates, I have a gig which is rank first page in different keywords at Fiverr but I am not getting order, click. Please give me some tips. Here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/z7YdWv -Thanks
  4. Gig impressions are good, but clicks are low. But what should I do now??? pleas suggest me..
  5. Impressions and clicks on my gig are completely reduced what can I do now.
  6. Hello! Expert Fiverr, I create new gig and I have good impression with click but I didn't get any task from byer automatically. Besides my gigs price not so high this is average $25-30, $50-60, and $100-120 and delivery time 3, 5, 7-10 days. which is the main problem? please help me and show me the right way. Thanks All
  7. Hi! I am new seller. Give me some tips how can improve my gig impression and click.
  8. What should i do if my gig performance isn't going good.?
  9. I would like to know if Fiverr counts clicks and views from my IP. After posting a Gig I always test it using a different browser to see how it appears to clients. This helps me make the right changes to make it look best. I wonder if Fiverr records those clicks and views since when testing the Gigs I am not always logged in.
  10. I have published my gigs with specific niche and keyword but still it's not ranking on fiverr. It has been almost 12hrs i have published the gigs but got 00 impressions and clicks.
  11. Why my gig impression and click not increasing? please help me
  12. Hello guys, I've got about 30 clicks in recent 2 weeks on this gig but no orders! Yes! I'm really worried about this therefore I came here to get help from you people. Please take a look and help me improve my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5163aabd91 I'll be very grateful to you...
  13. Hello everyone, today I'm gonna share an experience. I was sick for days so I couldn't stay active online as a result my gig impression and click dropped very low. So what should I have to do to face this consequences and get rid of it
  14. I am a new seller here. I need tips to increase my selling and orders. Kindly guide me about impression and click concept in gig statistics and tell me that how many times it is updated per day. I uploaded my gig at night and it has 32 impression in the morning. is my gig going good or not ? Please have a look at my gig and share the tips in order to improve it. https://www.fiverr.com/share/ylgwlb
  15. I have created my gig 3 weeks ago but my gig impression is so low. I have research everything before creating gig. but still no result. how can i improve this?
  16. I uploaded a new gig but sadly the impressions and clicks on my gig are relatively low! How do I fix this now? This is my new gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/lYA9yg
  17. I have published my new gig But not getting any impression or click. Please see my gig and review it what's wrong there? https://www.fiverr.com/share/qRGrpX
  18. Hello everyone Please what does it when when a buyer's status is showing"away" Does that mean the person is no longer available on Fiverr? Please help me because I'm confused. A buyer just messaged me and then his status was displaying that he's away
  19. Hi, I am a new user on Fiverr. Please help me with my gigs are they perfect or any other issues because I am not getting any orders. Here is my gig link.https://www.fiverr.com/nanomillion/design-an-attractive-logo
  20. I opened a new Fiverr account and received an order. The client gave me a 5 star review. I share my Fiber Gig a lot, but no click view impressions. Today I shared my gig to a new client, the client said I have a gig problem, he can't get into my gig. How do I know if I have Gig Active? Please check if there is any problem with my gig. If there is a problem, please let me know ... mygig
  21. I found many groups on Facebook where gig favourite and click are being exchanged. Does this exchanging work for ranking on Fiverr? What is actual social media marketing?
  22. I have already sent 136 buyer request but my gig impressions is very low and no click. How I can increase impressions and click?
  23. Can you give me a profile visit and guide me how to improve? https://www.fiverr.com/s2/ea39cfe3db
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