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  1. @vickieito in my gig section it shows a feature "Get briefs(Set a rate)" .Can you please explain this feature and what are the featues and benifits of this?
  2. If we extend the delivery time( client also happy to extend the delivery) will that affect our rankings and impressions?
  3. When we working on a project ,some times we need more time.Incase If buyer also happy to extend the delivery time: 1)will that reduce our rankings and impressions? 2) Is it bad practice to extend the delivery time(if buyer also haapy to extend the delivery) ?
  4. Of couse. We need to reply to the message soon as possible.If we didn't reply to the message soon then another seller will get the job.
  5. My gig title is : I will do responsive fast wordpress design and wordpress website But my gig slug is : https://www.fiverr.com/websitetunes/be-your-web-designer-and-web-developer How can i change the slug to rank the gig?
  6. I am level one seller but i am not getting much sales for now 5 months.But i am getting all the reviews as 5 stars.Then whats went wrong? For the 2 years i am experimented lot of things.for example when i change the gig prices or edit the gig the gig rankings going down.
  7. I am level one seller.and my account is 2 years old.also i am maintaing good client satisfaction as well.All are 5 star ratings.But overs 5 months period im not getting much sales. Can anyone have ideas to improve this?
  8. Hello, Most briefs are not valuable. I think it will improve more in future.
  9. We are a bunch of designers and developers focused on branding and web design. But for a 2 months we are not getting any orders.
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