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Found 16 results

  1. What are the things to keep in mind to make a gig rank?😰 Which will rank very soon and there is a possibility of the order coming🙄
  2. So you just got started on Fiverr. You want advice on how to rank your gig quickly. You see all the tips from other sellers, like "be online", "just wait and pray", "be active on the forum", and "share on social media". But are you actually checking if the advice you're following comes from people who are already successful? If the advice comes from someone with zero reviews who've been on Fiverr for a month without getting orders, can you even trust their advice to be good? Of course, you can't. If you don't want to risk wasting your time on lousy advice, here's what you need to do: Check if the seller who gave the advice is actually thriving on Fiverr. This usually means that they are a Top Rated, Pro, or even Level 2 seller. Do your research. Don't trust the advice you read blindly. Start thinking for yourself: make a strategy and learn the skills you need to implement it. Why? Because the examples I mentioned at the beginning are all lies, told, recycled, re-told, copy/pasted. And they don't work! Yet you'll see the same "tips" posted over and over again by pretenders who haven't managed to become successful themselves. Why would you trust their advice if the "tips" they give clearly aren't working for them? Here's some real advice you can implement – but they only work if you're good at what you do. If you're misrepresenting your skills, these won't work. Do market research to figure out who your customers are, why they need help, and how you can solve their problems. Create an outstanding gig showcasing why you're the right person to help them, and back it up with actual knowledge. Invest in your business: hire someone professional to design your gig thumbnails (unless you're a designer), hire a writer to help you with your gig description (unless you're a writer), hire analysts to help you gain valuable insight into the market you're entering, and produce a professional gig video explaining about what you do and why the buyer should order from you. Set realistic goals, and don't overpromise. It's better to underpromise and overdeliver. Don't offer unlimited revisions, and don't sell your services for five dollars. It opens the door to bad buyers and challenging experiences. If you've come this far, you're worth more than that. Take courses in customer care to gain more than a basic understanding of how you communicate with your clients. Keep working on improving your skills in whatever niche you belong to. Treat all your buyers like they are VIPs – but only as long as they treat you with respect and courtesy. Answer messages quickly but thoroughly. Be sure to learn as much as you can about a project before accepting it, so you have a clear outline of what your work entails. Be friendly, but not too personal. Avoid terms like "dear", "bro", "mate", and "friend". It's a business, not a social club. Treat it that way. Know that there are no shortcuts to success. Work hard, but smart. Deliver outstanding quality and service to your buyers. It will make your buyers happy, ensuring you get positive reviews and positive hidden feedback. That will, in turn, increase your chances of ranking high and climbing the levels on Fiverr. Make sure to keep your buyers updated during the order. It helps the buyer feel like they are in safe hands. Don't be afraid of asking questions. If you're not 100% sure about something, it's better to ask the buyer than to make a mistake. Deliver on time, every time. Give yourself time to complete orders. If you offer 24 hour delivery time, that means you shouldn't need more than 12 hours to complete the order. If you need more, your delivery time should be set to 2 days. Delivering early and ahead of schedule has the added bonus of impressing your buyer. Praying will (most likely) not affect your gig ranking. Sure, do it if you want to pray, but don't count on it to work. That's not how business is conducted. So - to recap: vetting the people that give you advice is essential. Please don't listen to people who can't even succeed themselves. Listen to the ones that have real success and who can prove it. Pretenders won't make it in the brutal world of freelancing. Don't be one of them: stand out from the crowd by doing something you're good at. There are no shortcuts to success.
  3. Hi, i'm a 2nd level seller here and i wish to share my experience that may hopefully help 1 or 2 people. when it comes to cash advance, it is important to know that it is controlled by the Algorithm and not personnel. if you are eligible for a cash advance, it might be withdrawn if you: 1. have fallen in your ratings 2. you've dropped from your current level. once you pick up your pace, the cash advance immediately comes back with an increase too.
  4. Hello sellers, I've completed over 127 order with full ratings. Here are some super important tips for any seller out there... 1. Be a professional communicator! Your communication skills are responsible for your success here. Be super polite & professional even when the other person is not, never ever be uptight to anyone on Fiverr. 2. Reply to all the inquires super fast, if you don't, some other seller will take the job before you. 3. Buyers to avoid! Buyers who never use the words such as "Thanks", "Thank you!", "Please", "Appreciated". Avoid buyers who don't seem nice & polite. Always reply like writing a professional e-mail, or at-least one time when writing very first response. I avoid buyers who ask for free demo before placing an order. I don't know about your gig category, but if your work is high quality & decent, set your price high but reasonable. Never force a buyer to buy your gig when you're not getting any orders. Someone who's really interested in your work, will order. Don't leave bad ratings to the buyers unless you have a valid reason. If you do, you'll never get an order from that buyer in the future. 4. Provide a top notch result to every buyer. Always try to give the best quality than anyone else out there, always work hard for each order. Trust me, you'll end up getting plenty of orders. I wish you full success for selling on Fiverr. Love & peace! SIMAR
  5. Hi guys, I am an ecommerce manager which means I need to be in contact with my clients based on work, I suggested a zoom call with one of my clients which I need to explain some problems on the store. I only did it because the client was not active on fiverr. After a day or two I noticed that all my gigs are deranked and are all at the last page on fiverr search. Can anyone give his/her opinion on what caused it and what can be done to solve it? As for the orders, I had all orders on fiverr from the client.
  6. Hello 😄 I'm working on increasing my rate as I have a high Impressions with very low clicks so Can you help my to know why my clicks are very very low, here's my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/vistadream9/create-mobile-app-design-from-scratch
  7. Hello Everyone, 11 months ago I created an account on Fiverr. For some reason I could not continue. But, now I want to start my work on the same account. Please advise me, "Is it okay"? I look forward to your valuable advice. Thanks
  8. Hello, I've added two gigs on my profile but it's more than 2-3 weeks I don't get any order. I'm learning tips and trying my best to do my own research about right keywords for SEO and generally everything about improving my gigs, but as you see on my statistics, my gigs are not good enough. How can I improve this? Here are my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-professional-and-aesthetic-instagram-canva-templates https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-impressive-instagram-story-templates I created my Fiverr profile in 2019 but it was inactive until October 8, 2021. Can this fact impact on my gigs and orders? Thanks. Have a productive day!🏆🎯
  9. 1) Portfolio: The first thing you need to do is create a portfolio of your work. If possible, create a portfolio website and if you can't do that, upload a sample of the work in PDF format in PDF format. 2) Fiverr Mobile App: It is very important to stay connected with the buyers all the time. Moreover, if you are online all the time, your chances of getting order will increase. But it is not always possible to be online with a computer. So download the Fiverr app on your Android or iPhone and keep it logged in. It will always show you online and you will actually get notifications of any new messages or orders. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate if there are only a few. So you understand how important the Fiverr app is. 3) Social Media: Arrange your profile on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, and share your gigs there, the chances of getting orders will increase. 4) Make multiple gigs: Make multiple gigs on the subject you are good at. In this case, make sure that the gigs are not the same and make an offer very nicely so that the buyer is attracted. Thanks hope you get an order!😍
  10. Hey! I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm going on a vacation and I've set unavailability for a few months. I wanted to know does it affect the level superiority in anyway? If yes, is there any better way to keep things smooth? Thanks.
  11. hi everyone, My gig impression goes up one day like this. I know that our gig is not in the same place as every gig should be given a chance. But what is the reason for going up and down like this for only one day? What can be done to keep this in one place? I look forward to your positive feedback. thank you!!!
  12. @smashradiogave me a challenge and an hour later, I wrote and recorded a quick freestyle for Fiverr sellers. Keep in mind that I'm simply a writer, since I don't have a proper recording set-up. Let me know what you think 🙂 Enjoy... Click the CC button for subtitles.
  13. Gig editing is not s0 easy as we think. Do you know when does your ranked gig fall? Let’s try to say in a little detail, let’s say your gig is ranked in such a term that you edited that term. Suppose your gig is ranked on a specific keyword and is on the first page. So if you delete that keyword from the gig title now, your gig rank will fall. Suppose again that you have edited the description box and from there you have also made some unlucky movements or change which will result in gig rank fall even if your gig is ranked. Again suppose you are editing your gig which is not in ranked or lost its rank, doing research, studying, focusing on some keywords in the metaphor, giving titles in that way and writing unique and relevant descriptions, then your gig will be in a better position than before. Now the question is what will happen if you change or add more or less price to the gig? Suppose you have a basic price of 10 $. You get 10 gig knocks a week. Whenever you make the basic price 50$, your gig knock is likely to decrease. Because you have deliberately filtered buyers with a budget of 10$।. But the potential you will get now will be higher than the previous buyer because he knocked you after seeing your basic price of 50. Now the point is when will you go and start editing? As an example, you have 3-5 orders in your queue. You will deliver tomorrow. So you can now edit your gig today, naturally, the impression will be lost if you edit the gig, but when you deliver 3 orders tomorrow, this impression will be recovered again. Yes….it will happen. Another thing is about the gig thumbnail change, many people open the gig with a thumbnail without realizing it at first, after a while the gig order is complete and he realizes that the thumbnail is not correct, the size is not right, unprofessional. So are we going to change the gig thumbnail at that moment? I will not do it directly, but I got a negative result by changing the thumbnail. Because many things related to the thumbnail issue can be seen. Many people do off-page SEO in the thumbnail. So if you do off-page SEO on the same keyword in the new thumbnail, you will not get the same rank as before. Because you have deleted the thumbnail and someone else has taken that position. So I think it is better not to go to edit gig thumbnail.
  14. Hello! I am here to make what I think is a potentially helpful tips post! Here are some of my observations on what works very well to advertise for yourself in a way that creates more buyers! 1. Promoted Gigs. Yes, this does work, at least for the gig I have that can use it. I recommend staying up to date with the amount you have to pay per click to beat competitors to the advertisement space and remain relevant. Last month, I paid roughly $10 in all, and I received (after Fiverr percentage) $76. It is a profit, for sure, and it can even land you a regular! 2. Buyer Requests. Definitely make use of the buyer requests tab under the "More" tab on your account. This is where a lot of early buyers will come from. You are putting yourself out there for people to choose you, so be careful and choose jobs right that you think you can accomplish, don't have too much competition, and really fit your style. If you are just starting on Fiverr, know the buyers request tab is most active for only a few heartbeats at random times around midnight to three o' clock or so based on my observations then. You may want to sacrifice some rest for getting requests out in these early stages of selling. 3. Social Media. It definitely never hurts to post your gigs on social media, especially if you have a large following or a supportive family. I definitely urge to even make an account you grow specifically for your work! You can build up your cliental not only on Fiverr this way! If you're lucky, you may even have thankful clients post your gig on their pages, which has happened for me before! 4. Adding Proper Tags. Even putting proper tags on your gig can really act as an advertisement in many ways. If you tag well and make a catchy and detailed (but not too detailed or cluttered) gig title, then people can more easily find you! I recommend looking at other similar gigs and drawing inspiration (not copying) from them! That is all for now! Hope this helps someone! I try to be detailed in hopes this gets to someone who needs it!
  15. 1. Find your niche. It is normal to find multi-skilled freelancers who are eager to accept as many projects as they can at the start of their new ventures. You need money, so you grab onto any kind of work just to get paid. That isn’t very strategic. If you want your freelance career to grow, you need to focus your skills on a particular niche. If you need to go deeper to find your specialization, then do it. For example, digital marketing comes in many forms. You may have some experience here and there, but your expertise lies in social media marketing. Niching down will give you the chance to develop your skills and platform-specific knowledge like creating captions for social media posts and organizing content on a social media calendar. When pitching yourself to clients, you can emphasise your skills related to social media marketing. This will catch their attention especially when they are seeking freelancers within that area. 2. Build a stellar portfolio. A freelance resume is different from your corporate CV. One of the freelance best practices you can apply is to learn how to build a professional portfolio. This is especially useful for creative entrepreneurs. Your portfolio will act as a visual demonstration for potential clients. If this is your first time to freelance, a portfolio can definitely help back you up. It gives clients the impression that you know your stuff and that they should have no second thoughts about hiring you. For example, as a professional web designer, you should have a high-quality personal website to show as your portfolio. In there, you illustrate all the knowledge, including tricks, that you know in web designing. You should also include links to your previous projects. One of the best investments you can make throughout your freelance career is a well-established profile. A resume and cover letter educate potential clients about your skills. A technical portfolio will catch their interest and convince them to choose you over other applicants. 3. Expand your network. Use social media, create your page and expand your network. 4. Package your services. Packaging your services to clients is one of the freelance best practices that most of us fail to realize. Most of the time, businesses need several tasks for one area of their operations. They’d be twice willing to hire a person who can solve multiple problems. Think of this: If you are a freelance writer, you can only earn so much from someone who is willing to pay for one blog article. However, if you turn your freelance business into an all-in-one shop for all sorts of writing needs, you will have more work. For example, knowing that a client needs to write content for their website, you can offer several packages that will include: A) Website content + Blog writing B) Product description writing + SEO C) Website content and Blog writing + SEO D) Content Writing + Copywriting + SEO Option C and D may be three times the cost of A or B, but is also three times more valuable to the client. Instead of fixating on the rate, clients will realize the relative cost you can provide for their business. When you pitch a lineup of packages, they will compare you with yourself (i.e. skills) as opposed to comparing you with competitors. 5. Learn how to write a successful sales pitch. What makes the difference between earning just enough to pay your bills every month and earning more to keep your business growing? Great pitching skills. Clients pay for what they think your skills are worth. Hence, you must make sure that they understand the value you can offer to their business. Think of your value proposition. Freelance best practices include research and understanding what your clients need in order to create an on-point sales pitch. You should be able to explain the solution to their problem with concrete examples in the form of a portfolio, work experiences, and testimonials. You should be able to put yourself ahead of the competition. Clients focus on you and your skills. You focus on them and think of ways to help their business. Once you’ve perfected your pitching skills, landing new projects will be a walk in the park.
  16. While doing freelance work, I realised how many areas there are, where I could still be improving or polishing my already acquired skills. One of the most valuable advices I've gotten is to be patient and graceful with your customers whatever the case might be. What advice helped you the most in your freelance journey?
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