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  1. Hello! Could you someone suggest me how I can get order? I am updating Tags for every gig image and corresponding images, but no order or click any way.
  2. I'm a new seller. Can anyone tell me how I can rank my gig? Thanks in advance!
  3. I edited my one gig image and prices. Actually I added video in my gig and now in the Thumbnail it's showcase a part of the video that really not looks good. That's why I edit the image section and take a good looking Thumbnail from the video I added. Is it make an issue and decrease my gig rank? Please answer Mr guys .
  4. Hello everyone, 1 week ago gig publish but no gig search result.. Impression clicks and no increase.. please guide me Tips for Sellers
  5. Hello Everyone! I am working on Fiverr but my gig prints are dwindling day by day. I active online nearly all the time. Do you have any suggestions to ameliorate my gig? Please check all gigs and let me know if there are any corrections.
  6. I'm a bit lost here. Can you help me? Since Nov 15th, I got the option for promoted gigs for a certain gig and have been using that ever since then. Had great impressions, clicks, and orders. Also, when searched using the two main keywords of my gig, the gig appeared within 1st two rows of the first page when searched. Since Dec 30th, my gig has appeared on the last search page, when searched with the keywords. However, the funny part is that my gig is still active under the 'promoted gigs' tab, and they still charge me daily. I'm not getting new orders, and impressions/clicks have dropped. I contacted them and raised a support thread. They are not replying me for three days straight. Please, can someone help me understand what's going on? It's fine by me that they need to rotate my gig and place it last, but still charging me the same under 'promoted gigs' is not ethical then, isn't it? Thanks in advance! P.S.: I'm a level 2 seller with a 100% rating on everything - (response rate, order completion, on-time delivery). Also, I only have 5-star reviews, amounting to a total of around 50.
  7. How to improve gig rank? Does sharing gig on social media helps?
  8. Hi dear all friends, I am New Seller for fiverr, I have create my first gig but my gig impression and click is very low, now what I am do? Please suggest any senior brothers and sister. Please check if my gig is correct and give feedback. Thank you so much (My gig is here > https://www.fiverr.com/share/vxQvRN )
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question in my mind! If I edit my gig after published is there any problem? Will it effect on my gig? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. What are the things to keep in mind to make a gig rank?😰 Which will rank very soon and there is a possibility of the order coming🙄
  11. Hello everyone Hope you are all fine. My gig was on the first page and have 5 ratings and 3 running orders. Suddenly today I found my gig on the last page. I have 2 active gigs in this niche. All 2 of them are on the last page. I was having good orders and I didn't get any warnings whatsoever. I don't understand what is happening. I searched on google. Some say it is gig rotation and others say It kinda happens. Please experts on Fiverr, help me I'm a new seller and I'm confused about what is happening on right now. Is this how Fiverr works? Here sellers have no certainty. Please help me experts.
  12. 25 days to upload my gig. On the second day, I got 2 jobs from the buyer's request. Since then impressions and clicks come but no buyer message. 2300 impressions 54 clicks No order. (Gig link not shared anywhere) What should I do now?
  13. Hello everyone, last year i had created my gig and was active for minimum 6 month on fiverr. Then I had to stop for a quite long time due to my exam. Now i have reactivated all those gigs but i'm not sure if it is ok or not. Can anybody suggest me??
  14. Hi. Yesterday(1 day before yesterday) my impression was about 602 but yesterday it shows my impressions to "0". Why did this happen? My gig is still ranking on the 1st page on all gig tags. I did not do any changes in my gigs. It shows "0" to my all gigs impressions. Anyone can explain
  15. I gave a gig a long time ago. How can I rank the gigs? please help me
  16. Last month few months I left my fiverr account because I was teaching my students and Now I an back on fiverr I am not getting orders. Can anyone help me or recognize issues?
  17. I'm not getting order for 10 months after a cancellation! How can I improve/rank my gig again? Need suggestions from expert! Thank You! Here is the link of my gig! https://www.fiverr.com/arifhossain2019/do-custom-typography-t-shirt-design-for-your-pod-business
  18. Every month lots of sellers gets new levels. Some people get “Level 1”, some get upgraded to “Level 2”, and some get "Top Rated". Top rated sellers are good. They do not suffer too much as they got ranked quickly as this is the best seller badge and quality service provider on Fiverr. But for those who are new to “Level 1” and “Level 2”, this is very common that their gig got rank out and sales fall down unexpectedly, immediately after the level is reached. What is the reason for this and what to do? A very small thing works here according to the ranking factor. Suppose you were a new seller before and now you have got “Level 1”. This means that you have competed with new sellers in the previous category and provided services of that quality. But as soon as you get “Level 1’, you immediately start competing with “Level 1” sellers who are doing better than your previous competitors. So, you are not going to be given a place here with your previous quality. You are now competing with a few higher quality sellers than before. If you can do well, there may be some increase in orders and income from before, but if you do not take the opportunity, the situation may be worse than before. And you have to realize that, those who already have “Level 1” they are not sitting they are also doing hard work to stay on the competition. So, you have to put better effort here: You have to keep in mind about 3 keys: Communicate in better way than before. Provide better quality work, and Provide better Customer Support. Now the thing is, you are ready to do everything but the gig is lost, how do you get it back? First of all, there is no magic trick to bring back the gig. You have to be patient and the first thing you can do is increase the price of your gig a little bit. However, by doing market research, you will be sure about the price of your category work and maybe you can increase it by only $5 per packages at least. But make arrangements to increase it from before listed prices. And add 1-2 new gig extras. Hopefully by doing this your gig will regain some consciousness. Many people think that editing the gig in this situation will do more harm. But for those who are already in this situation try what I said, trust me this will help you to comeback not get down. Then take orders from your old customers if you can. Also, if you get new orders then take them more seriously than before stay connected and communicate with your customers in a better way and provide the best possible Customer Service. I hope you can come back quickly. But again, don't be impatient by hoping that the whole thing will happen very quickly. I can make sure that, if you follow and try in this way, you will not get lost, and the position will be better slowly. Good Luck to all. Happy Freelancing ❤️ Rasel Khondokar Top Rated Seller (FIVERR)
  19. As fiverr rolling out new feature like showcase client works, portfolio, fiverr business to my gig and i am thinking to update them will this affect the ranking of my gigs or profile changes does not affect gig ranks. thanks
  20. As I'm skilled in a particular skill, I have created only one gig. Fortunately, I got my first order within one week. I wast able to make satisfied my all of my clients. No client gave negative feedback and under 5 star rating. Everything is okay. In spite of being okay everything, my gig has gone away from first page. And reduced the number of orders. I don't get order still now a days. I don't know the reason of this problem. Please help me to find out the solution by sharing your experience about this issue.
  21. Hi, I am a seller on Fiverr. All my gigs rank down since last month. Now how can I get rank back my gigs again? Thanks
  22. Hello guys, My gig has over 180 positive reviews and it was ranked into the first page and first line. Suddenly yesterday my gig rank fall. And it's not even visible into the first 20 pages of the search results. It never happend to me before. I'm worried about what happen suddenly. My gig has over 20k impressions in last 15 days with the avg of 800+ impressions a day. And today i got only 100 impressions and i think it'll go down more. Do you guys have any idea why this happen and how i can recover it! NB: On of my another gig was also in the first page and 2nd line. That was also fall and showing into the last page of the search result, where those gigs has no reviews but i have over 50 reviews on that gig! Even all of my gig is not promotable. It was performing promoted gig properly before the gig ranked. But after the rank fall i see All of the gig showing "Not Promotable" and "This Gig will start promoting once it’s back to being promotable." Image attached. Please help me guys 🥺
  23. I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I've completed 10 orders till now. My gig also got rank, it was in the first page with a keyword. But there was a problem in my gig. My gig was on Data entry. Some clients want their job to be done on Google Sheet rather than MS Excel. So In the requirement section of my gig, I wrote "Kindly give me editing permission to your google sheet if you want the job to be done on google sheet, my email address is *****@gmail.com". As I mentioned my email address in the requirement section, I thought It should be removed as per the Fiverr's policy. That time I edited Those parts of my gig. After that my gig lost rank. Right now it is in the 7th page of the search result. Everyday I send almost 7 to 10 buyer request. I stay active on Fiverr maximum possible time in a day. But I'm not getting any response. What should I do now to get back my past position? Is there anyone who can visit my gig and give some effective suggestions? https://www.fiverr.com/muradsiddique Thanks in advance!
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