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Found 19 results

  1. Many new sellers ask for my #1 tip. Even though, there is no one tip thats going to determine your success on Fiverr BUT if I had to pick one, it'll be offering 24 hour delivery. You'll climb the ladder much faster and you can also charge a premium. Bare in mind, 24 hour delivery is a strong commitment. Don't offer it if you can't keep up.
  2. First of all, I think it is definitely good invested time to carefully design your gig. A good gig should stand out by a professional look and some sort of uniqueness. A professional look is essential because it can already distinguish your service among all others that look rather untrustworthy and shady — and on Fiverr, you will find a lot of those. So make sure that you only provide relevant and clear information in your gig description and your profile as well. Furthermore, it can be useful to answer common questions in the FAQ section of your gig. Thus, customers are aware of every detail around your service upfront. And moreover, a nice profile picture of yourself will also work like a charm — people like to know who they work with.
  3. I hope everyone doing his/her best on Fiverr. recently I have completed my 100 orders target. And I have fill up 81 Reviews in My digital Marketing sector. I am now doing SMM, SEM and dropshipping. best of luck. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, This is syed waqar! I am new on fiverr, staring my journey and following my passion. I want to write my success story after 5 year. I will work hard and write it in golden words one day. Honorable Virtual Mentors? What should I do to be successful? What kind of steps should I follow to be Champion? What should I do in the beginning to the rest? Thank you!
  5. Recently I add Two gigs but no response from buyer
  6. I am new on Fiverr, Recently, I create my new gig. What should I need to do Now. This is my gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/lYPqAQ Check out my gig & please tell me If I made any mistake. Hope you will help me 😉
  7. So you just got started on Fiverr. You want advice on how to rank your gig quickly. You see all the tips from other sellers, like "be online", "just wait and pray", "be active on the forum", and "share on social media". But are you actually checking if the advice you're following comes from people who are already successful? If the advice comes from someone with zero reviews who've been on Fiverr for a month without getting orders, can you even trust their advice to be good? Of course, you can't. If you don't want to risk wasting your time on lousy advice, here's what you need to do: Check if the seller who gave the advice is actually thriving on Fiverr. This usually means that they are a Top Rated, Pro, or even Level 2 seller. Do your research. Don't trust the advice you read blindly. Start thinking for yourself: make a strategy and learn the skills you need to implement it. Why? Because the examples I mentioned at the beginning are all lies, told, recycled, re-told, copy/pasted. And they don't work! Yet you'll see the same "tips" posted over and over again by pretenders who haven't managed to become successful themselves. Why would you trust their advice if the "tips" they give clearly aren't working for them? Here's some real advice you can implement – but they only work if you're good at what you do. If you're misrepresenting your skills, these won't work. Do market research to figure out who your customers are, why they need help, and how you can solve their problems. Create an outstanding gig showcasing why you're the right person to help them, and back it up with actual knowledge. Invest in your business: hire someone professional to design your gig thumbnails (unless you're a designer), hire a writer to help you with your gig description (unless you're a writer), hire analysts to help you gain valuable insight into the market you're entering, and produce a professional gig video explaining about what you do and why the buyer should order from you. Set realistic goals, and don't overpromise. It's better to underpromise and overdeliver. Don't offer unlimited revisions, and don't sell your services for five dollars. It opens the door to bad buyers and challenging experiences. If you've come this far, you're worth more than that. Take courses in customer care to gain more than a basic understanding of how you communicate with your clients. Keep working on improving your skills in whatever niche you belong to. Treat all your buyers like they are VIPs – but only as long as they treat you with respect and courtesy. Answer messages quickly but thoroughly. Be sure to learn as much as you can about a project before accepting it, so you have a clear outline of what your work entails. Be friendly, but not too personal. Avoid terms like "dear", "bro", "mate", and "friend". It's a business, not a social club. Treat it that way. Know that there are no shortcuts to success. Work hard, but smart. Deliver outstanding quality and service to your buyers. It will make your buyers happy, ensuring you get positive reviews and positive hidden feedback. That will, in turn, increase your chances of ranking high and climbing the levels on Fiverr. Make sure to keep your buyers updated during the order. It helps the buyer feel like they are in safe hands. Don't be afraid of asking questions. If you're not 100% sure about something, it's better to ask the buyer than to make a mistake. Deliver on time, every time. Give yourself time to complete orders. If you offer 24 hour delivery time, that means you shouldn't need more than 12 hours to complete the order. If you need more, your delivery time should be set to 2 days. Delivering early and ahead of schedule has the added bonus of impressing your buyer. Praying will (most likely) not affect your gig ranking. Sure, do it if you want to pray, but don't count on it to work. That's not how business is conducted. So - to recap: vetting the people that give you advice is essential. Please don't listen to people who can't even succeed themselves. Listen to the ones that have real success and who can prove it. Pretenders won't make it in the brutal world of freelancing. Don't be one of them: stand out from the crowd by doing something you're good at. There are no shortcuts to success.
  8. Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I am here to share my success story on Fiverr. I have been working on fiverr from December 2017. It was really a very hard struggle to get my first order and first review. I experience other cultures just through my work online in ways that I never could with an ‘office’ job. So while I, as a freelancer, miss out on having co-workers and office culture, I am a part of a whole different culture. I respond to buyer requests, constantly update my Gigs, and am active on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I have achieved level 2 seller badge. Its taken a while and lots of hard work but I’m finally there and it feels great. I have been a member of Fiverr for around 4 years. Now I completed all the requirements of a Top-Rated Seller and working for it. Thank You!
  9. This is Salim i recently join fiverr community. I am a new seller on fiverr.com. Please Give me some idea how i can get fast order. Everyone please pray for me. Salim Bhuiyan!
  10. Hi, I joined on Fiverr 6 days ago and after 4 days, I got an order from a client who live in USA. I completed the order and she left 5 stars review with a tip😍. It is very encouragement for me also for them who are new on Fiverr. Never give up. Alhumdulillah🖤 Keep me in your prayers S.I.Shakil & Afra Alam
  11. The terrible feeling of "buyer no order" and "gig no rank" we know all too well. That's why I took upon myself to create the ultimate compilation of TOP 10 tips & tricks and salto flips for sellers, by sellers. I have already implemented these strategies into my own business and the results have been nothing but phenomenal. I'm happy to announce that my body has adapted and I no longer require shelter, sleep or food to run my business, all I need is my computer and internet connection. My business has been thriving, as my gigs have increased a whopping 0.01% in impressions. If you want to achieve the same results as I have and skyrocket your business, here are the TOP 10 tips & tricks you DON'T WANT TO MISS: https://imgur.com/4lyXEPH
  12. I have created my fiverr account a few months ago but didn’t get any chances to work on fiverr. Need to start it from zero. I Have skill on wordpress based websites, themes and plugins. Need suggestion from senior freelancer. Thank you.
  13. Today I am complete 1100 order in my one Year Fiverr journey..
  14. To become a successful Freelancer, you must follow some steps- Set goals Start working for goals Now Follow a successful freelancer keep learning Pay attention to the Freelance marketplace Grow your community Chase your purpose not money Never forget your dream There are many ways to become an expert at freelancing, I share some little steps. Never give up working hard keep the focus on your dream, believe me you will be successful.
  15. Most TRS know these secret tricks, so you can try to see if they work. 1. Stay online always. 25 Hours per day is good start, work up to more if you can. 2. Always work under flourescent light, all other lights hurt your sales. 3. Be sure to use left hand mouse. Everyone else uses right hand, and this makes you different. 4. Agree with every post in forum, whether you agree or not. 5. Most important. Edit your gig every 12 hours. - No more, no less, but you are already online 24 hours anyway. - secret, don't tell, I could get kicked out of TRS club for revealing these secrets. Good Luck.
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