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Many Clicks but No Sales? Read This! (A Guide to Improve Conversion Rate)


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If you're struggling with a low conversion rate (people click but don't buy) you have to look at why. 

Is your gig description good enough? 

Do you have a great gig video that tells the buyer exactly why they should pick you and what makes you different from the thousands of other sellers in your category? 

Do you have a great value proposition? (A value offer is a well-thought-out service that adds to the value of your gig,  helping you to beat the competition, because the buyer will see you as the best option).

You have to stand out from all the other sellers on the platform; otherwise, you're just another new seller, among thousands of other new sellers trying to compete. 

Differentiate yourself. That's how you land sales. 

Here are a few ways to improve the conversion rate of your gig that you can use right now: 

A/B-testing: precisely what it sounds like. Test which gig title and description work best for you. You can also test different thumbnails and gig videos to see which one converts better. Test one thing at a time; otherwise, you won't know what made the difference. 

Have a compelling value proposition: Make sure the buyer knows right away why they should buy from you and not someone else. Make it short, sweet, and put it at the top of your gig description and the beginning of your gig video. You only have a couple of seconds to catch the buyers attention. Use them well. 

Make sure you stand out: for your value proposition to have any real value, it must stand out from your competition. Analyze what successful sellers in your category are doing. Don't copy them, but use them for inspiration to create your own value proposition. Ask yourself "What makes me and what I offer different and better?"

Skip the marketing jargon and fancy buzzwords: I wrote about this in a topic yesterday. Click here to read it, and learn why buzzwords can be a turn-off to your buyers. Remember that you're writing for real people, so keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. 

Address doubts: every buyer has doubts! You need to address them. It could be your price, or maybe they aren't sure if your service will work well for them. Know what those doubts are, and make sure you address them to make the buyer feel safe. 

Avoid spelling errors, bad grammar and syntax errors: If your English is bad, you'll scare away buyers. Make sure you can communicate clearly. Use tools like Grammarly to improve your grammar, but there's no substitute for actually knowing a language. 

Make it easy to understand what you're selling: don't dress it up too much. Make it clear from the get-go what's included, and be specific but quick about it. 

Get rid of distracting elements: if your gig thumbnail, video or description is full of distracting elements, it can be a huge turn-off for your buyer. Avoid filling your description with complicated formatting, emojis, icons and so on. Keep your thumbnails clean and attention-grabbing. The same goes for your gig videos, titles, and communication elsewhere on the platform. 

I hope this helps if you are struggling with low conversion rates on Fiverr! Following these tips has had a real impact on my own business, and I've tested and implemented each one of them on my way to becoming a successful seller. 


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Thank you for the topic it is very helpful. I am having the same issue people click but don't buy. I am thinking of changing the gig title and description but worrying about if I'll change the title or description my gig may de-rank for a specific period of time and I will lose my gig ranking. can you give your suggestion, please?

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On 9/20/2021 at 7:08 AM, imraan_zaack said:

Who said if people click and don't buy, it is called coverstion rate? -_- 
Don't share wrong information please.

If people click, but don't buy from you, that will give you a low conversion rate. If a large portion of the "clickers" buy, then that be a higher conversion rate. I'm not sure if you understood correctly. 

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