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Many Clicks but No Sales? Read This! (A Guide to Improve Conversion Rate)


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Thank you for the topic it is very helpful. I am having the same issue people click but don't buy. I am thinking of changing the gig title and description but worrying about if I'll change the title or description my gig may de-rank for a specific period of time and I will lose my gig ranking. can you give your suggestion, please?

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On 9/20/2021 at 7:08 AM, imraan_zaack said:

Who said if people click and don't buy, it is called coverstion rate? -_- 
Don't share wrong information please.

If people click, but don't buy from you, that will give you a low conversion rate. If a large portion of the "clickers" buy, then that be a higher conversion rate. I'm not sure if you understood correctly. 

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