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  1. So what's your problem if i give any complement !
  2. That was fully your mistake... however, the buyer wasn't good... ! please contact to the support team ! they might help you
  3. You shouldn't contact with your buyers outside fiverr. It will break fiverr TOS
  4. i dont think you will get any kind of job like this
  5. Congro! and best wishes for your freelancing life
  6. 3rd wave is going on! and the situation is very bad
  7. Dont worry. everything will be fine...! just take medicine properly
  8. Take care of her.... Hope she will recover soon! dont be panic
  9. fst make yourself comfortable and energetic as you can do work... then hope everything will be fine
  10. be active as much as you can.. beside that do social marketing to bring impression and click in your gig
  11. Nope ... for this category , fiverr dont allow this,,,, but there is another category call "my gig" . you can share your gig link in there
  12. No..u can share your gig on this category
  13. on pdf u can submit your portfolio... thats not mandatory ... but u can add this to let your buyer know about much about you
  14. do social marketing to get more impression and click... by doing this you can grab the first page... even i m trying to do this
  15. do social marketing as much as you can...
  16. well, thanks for your valuable advise!
  17. do social marketing to catch the targeted customers
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