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  1. Sorry if I did something wrong, I’m just giving my opinion.
  2. Fact: Most of them are not even diligent in worship 🙄
  3. Never. Bad advice. If you think you are right why you don't get any orders till today?
  4. I think you follow those bad advices to stay online as long as possible, again, that's bad advice, do not listen! From my experience, I got most of my orders while I was sleeping, so please stop staying online, you just need to check your phone or email daily.
  5. You shouln't keep active to get orders.
  6. That's wrong advice, please do not listen.
  7. Update: Good news! The Inbox Response rate finally increasing! Because I got a message, even thought if it's just a useless message, spam. But I also have bad news, my Order Completion rate is still decreasing 😞
  8. Yes you can if you can see the button, and only V.I.D's have that.
  9. What is the buyer's rank like? if you see nothing at all or "Top Buyer" then you shouldn't do it because it violates fiverr's TOS, but if you see "V.I.D" in the name, you can do it and ONLY use zoom, even fiverr advises you to use zoom for discuss with V.I.D buyers for convenience. If you ask what V.I.D stands for, it's "Very Important Doers".
  10. Now you don't have any more answers do you? One more thing, I checked your account and found one of your accounts that you mentioned, you use your account to add rating to the account you are currently using for this forum, again, it's violating Fiverr's TOS.
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