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  1. but bro... that's not the perfect place for sharing your profile or gig?
  2. depends on your wish! cz active on fiverr doesnt ensure you to get sell !
  3. What is actually impression it? does it help to sell my gig?
  4. i dont think so ! wait for sometime.. it will rise again!
  5. try to send 10 buyer request request every day and do social marketing as much as you can!
  6. may be you haven't receive any order in last 60days
  7. that's depend on them brother!
  8. do social marketing as much as u can to catch you targeted customer! but dont do spam marketing to get attention just
  9. if you dont then he might give you negative review! so give him correct excuse , if he dont agreed with this then refund him!
  10. no! review matter for getting new jobs!
  11. you main aim is to catch the targeted customer ! the problem is you wont find your customer by doing this! so that's not wrong but wont be work-full...
  12. depends on your level.. of the level is 1 then you can create 7 gig in just 1 days
  13. totally depends on you. if you want, then you can !
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