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  1. milos_siena's post in Success score not changing, no solution is also visible was marked as the answer   
    The only option is to continue doing a great job with old clients and wait for about 6 months (it could be less due to new rules) since the success score first went to 4.
  2. milos_siena's post in How i can show my delivered work in GIG gallery? was marked as the answer   
    Read this:
  3. milos_siena's post in Hello member I am new here so I need your guidance. was marked as the answer   
    Pictures are too general. You can show web store examples in your pictures. And the video is not connected to your business in any way.
  4. milos_siena's post in My account has been flagged without any warnings or violations and the customer support is still saying that it is permenanetly disabled  was marked as the answer   
    The problem is that in these cases the support thinks there is enough evidence that at least 2 accounts are created from the same device. There were already these cases of sharing devices with friends etc.  It always ends the same.  If the support doesn't answer you anymore, it means the decision is final.
  5. milos_siena's post in Auto refresh extension for Fiverr was marked as the answer   
    I can't say it's harmful, but these types of extensions are not allowed. It's a sort of gaming the system, i.e. you sleep, but for buyers, you are online. Not very fair towards other sellers. And at the end, buyers want quality work rather than just finding a seller who is online.
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