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  1. I delivered the file again, still shows the same. Do my buyer get the files?
  2. Hi, I just delivered a file to my buyer but still the "count down" is going on and status shows "in progress" instead of "delivered" Need help.
  3. Hi I don't see a block option on their profile, they are keep sending messages
  4. Yes, I politely declined their project but they are forcing me to do this, I think that need to block them.
  5. Really strange right? They can't show me anything about the files but they want me to edit it I was like 'what??' 😁
  6. In that contract they quoted that *unlimited revisions *They have the right to cancel the order if they don't like the output.
  7. She is a new buyer, I don't see any reviews in her profile. She made that account on June.
  8. A buyer came to my inbox through 'buyer request' and she explained that she want a professional video editor to edit some of her projects. After that she sent a contract form to sign. I was wondering.. why? She is saying that she could only reveal more about the project only after the contract sign. Is this a spam? I'm really confused. Please help.
  9. Why do you decide to delete it? Which Fiverr forum tip gave you the idea to delete your current account and create a new one? I believe it's against Fiverr TOS.
  10. Yes, congrats. But you should expect some different buyers in the long-term. We can't satisfy anyone 100%, work hard and be patient. All the best!
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