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  1. A bit off topic... what does TRS stand for?
  2. Many times, a buyer has bought a gig from me but when I check the material they give me, it's obvious that they didn't read the gig's description. They often ask me to do a 15 USD job by paying only 5 USD. Then, they get upset if I tell them that what they asked for is worth 15, not 5. I've had some cancellations because of that. It is totally unfair since the pricing was completely clear since the beginning. The sellers just don't want to read and don't want to pay the right price. So, my suggestion is What if every new order has to be accepted by the seller before the order begins? That will give us the chance to check that the seller had actually provided the right information and paid the right amount. I know it will take time and many buyers want everything to be fast, but, hey, that doesn't give them the right to harm our ratings just because they don't want to read and pay the right amount.
  3. I haven’t seen that notification so far. The last time I sent an offer through BR was about 3 years ago. I guess I will keep my eyes off of it. I don’t want those notifications giving false hope during the day.
  4. Thank you, everybody! Just to give you the ending of the story: my client was so kind that he just left the 5 extra as a tip 🙂
  5. Thank you! I will tell my client this.
  6. A client just ordered a voice over and included the Full broadcast rights. The thing is he doesn’t need those rights (not even the commercial rights), but he does need the fee for synchronization, which he didn’t include. The problem is that the rights he bought are 5 USD more expensive than the fee for the synchronization. How can I give him the 5 USD back? (I still haven’t said anything because I want to have the solution ready).
  7. I don’t know what to do, but Fiverr should really do something to prevent buyers to be able to get work done for free just by saying “I didn’t like it”, because how can someone tell you otherwise?? how can someome prove that’s wrong?! I think that’s the biggest flaw here. For some buyers, Fiverr is a place where you can get free things. And we shouldn’t undermine it just because “it doesn’t happen to everyone” or because “that’s common everywhere”. Maybe there could be a feature like this: If a buyer wants to cancel the order because they didn’t like it, they would only get 50% refund but ONLY IF they provide an extensive and detailed information about why they didn’t like it and how it wasn’t what the project needed (and promise they won’t use it at all). And a staff member should revise that explanation to decide whether it is acceptable. If it is, they get the 50% back but never 100%. If it’s not acceptable, they don’t get a refund. And they should keep a record of how many times buyers do this, so they can get warnings, or their account deleted or something. Exactly as the sellers. Extra comments for the buyers: they should take the responsibility to carefully check the seller’s gig’s description, samples, and bio. They should know they have to choose someone they believe it’s gong to fulfill their requirements.
  8. Sorry for the delay. What about making a collage? And congratulations on the orders!! 😃 (you might want to discard my suggestion and just go with the jobs they ask you for as samples).
  9. Hi, everyone! There’s a buyer who asked me for a revision of the audio I delivered but didn’t add any details. He even said “I need a revisison I will send my comments ASAP”. That was about 5 days ago and I still don’t have the comments to do the revision. I asked for an extension of the time of the delivery but still no answer. What should I do?
  10. It is explained here: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Feedback and Ratings). Oh! I see!!! 😱 Thank you very much!!
  11. No, no, no! That is not true! 😬 If a seller does not review a buyer then after 10 days the buyer’s reviews will show up on the seller’s profile. In addition, the seller does not have the choice to respond to the review. If @akbaig finishes the job he will be required to do everything the seller wants to be done even though it could involve a lot of time. Plus, if he takes your advice he will not be able to explain his side of the story, which is the buyer requested more work than his gig offers! 😱 really? I haven’t been in that situation. Have you? I don’t see it in the TOS, it only says a buyer has up to 10 days to leave a review, but that’s a different case.
  12. Hi! I think your art is awesome! The description of your gig seems nice 🙂 Maybe you could add more samples of your work. And you might want to look at the Packages description. I don’t know why but they seem a bit confusing in the text part. I understand the differences because I’ve order some graphics before and because the checklist is clear. But maybe you could clarify a bit more in the description. Besides that, I would only suggest you to be present on Fiverr in general and be patient 🙂
  13. I’d would finish the job and let him mark the order as completed even when he puts a 1 star rating. Why? Because you just need to AVOID putting a review about him as a buyer. I mean, don’t make any review about him. That way his 1 star rating will NEVER show up in your profile 😉 EDIT: Please, ignore my comment 😦 some people showed me the platform doesn’t work that way. The reviews will be published even if we don’t respond.
  14. I tried that and I couldn’t even find my own gig hahahaha Even when I tried reducing the words I was looking for.
  15. They’re not automatically cancelled. It just starts counting the time you are late but cancellation has to be done manually. And yes, those responses are a big red flag ._.
  16. Oh, I see. I thought it happens in level 2 because I got invited exactly when I got promoted to that level. But now you mention it, I remember reading something like that (about being invited).
  17. They might take the impressions and clicks to put the badge of “best seller” but I do believe it’s just a bug. you’re right, it makes no sense to call it “best seller” if you haven’t sold anything. At least, that doesn’t harm you in any way.
  18. As far as I know, that comes when you become Level 2 seller.
  19. Once I did this, because the client asked me for an audio in a language I don’t know without even making sure I spoke that language. We cancelled the order and I saw my completion rate going down, but I contacted support explaining what had happened and after a few hours it went back to normal.
  20. Don’t bother to answer. Just report it as spam.
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