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Found 16 results

  1. Inbox messages concatenation order is not correct. Whenever I send a message it is concatenated above the buyer's last message. Then if I send second message it is concatenated above my last message. I mean the messages should be concatenated at the last but they are concatenated over each other so every time I have to refresh the page to fix the order of messages.
  2. Hi, I'm a new user. I received a message from a spammer who asked me to contact outside Fiverr. So, I didn't reply to it for 18 hours thinking Fiverr would flag it as spam. But it was not marked as spam. So, I then responded to it and now my 'Inbox response time' is showing 18 Hrs. in red. What should I do? Please help me.
  3. I hope this helps another seller who may have experienced this. For a few months, I found that sometimes, my new buyer's messages disappear from my inbox, due to the limited number of messages that display in one time. It does not really disappear. It just falls off the number of messages waiting for me to read or answer. I receive a lot of messages from new, existing, and return buyers and they push down the new unanswered messages. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to respond to messages. I can check my email to see when they come in, but then the emails from existing buyers also crowd my gmail. This may be my fault, but as a TRS, I do my best to keep response rate at 100% and freak out when I see it anything lower. The inbox has the unread filter, but if you accidentally read a message from a buyer and forgot to respond, so it would be nice if there was an Unanswered filter in addition to the the Unread filter. One way I finally solved this issue and now no longer have this issue is to use IFTTT (If this then that) to catch my Fiverr inbox messages and put them into a Google Spreadsheet. I then use the Data->Data Cleanup->Remove Duplicates menu item to read all the emails. If anyone has an IFTTT account and wants the applet to put your Fiverr inbox messages from buyers into Google Sheets, let me know. I check this spreadsheet twice a day and then delete the row once I answered the email. Bruce
  4. Hey everybody, I am facing an issue.Yesterday i received a message from a buyer i tried to reply with app but when i go back to inbox list my message disappeared sadly. Then i try with desktop web app but still the same can anyone tell me what's going on? thanks!!!
  5. Fiverr should implement the ability to create new folders (1), then add multiple chats to one or folder (2) which can be renamed according to user's input. They should then be able to display only the chats contained within said folder by choosing from a dropdown list (3). This would be a great way to focus the chat view and organise a lot of sellers who may be a part of different projects into manageable categories. See screenshot attached for reference (i have numbered them above).
  6. My percentage of "Inbox response time" is going down, and I'm not receiving any messages from new clients, besides that I have responded to all the clients that I have had, and the percentage keeps going down. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've already placed a ticket, if you're wondering. If someone knows what I can do to resolve this issue, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. A buyer is asking for updates to an order sent to the message inbox instead of the order page. Is this even allowed, or is the order page more secure? Might not be important, but the "buyer" isn't even the one who accepted the offer, but a friend he contacted.
  8. Hi, While working as a freelancer good communication between seller and buyer is a must, but while working on Fiverr sometimes it creates a mess, like when you send a message the receiver don't know what is this message all about and it creates confusions, so I was just wondering why not Fiverr introduce a "reply to a particular message system" instead of this old conversational system. It will definitely helps the seller and the buyer to understand each and other effectively.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm recently experiencing a delay in loading Fiverr website as well as the inbox. Sometimes, the mobile app doesn't send messages at first time and need to try twice. Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue? Thank you.
  10. I will send my Client's custom orders within the inbox area. Once they accept the order, I will go to click the "View Order" button and instead of it taking me to the order itself, I am redirected to the https://www.fiverr.com/business page. Same goes if I click on the "order page" link. Instead of the order, it takes me to the https://www.fiverr.com/business page. Please fix this! Thanks 😄 See screenshot with red outlines.
  11. I was chatting with my client and came across the "Create an Offer" option, can anybody tell me what is it and what is the use of this option
  12. When trying to send messages to a customer from the phone app as soon as I exit the chat the messages disappear and if I try to open it from the pc it says "Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page"
  13. Hello! When a buyer/client comes in the inbox after sending a buyer request, how to convince the buyer to buy your service. Also, How can I assure him that my service is perfect for him? And which words should use to welcome the client?
  14. Hi fellow sellers! New Seller here (going to complete a month next week). So I'm a little curious with the way things have gone (maybe "hesitant/frightened" would be better) On my second order (buyer placed 2nd order after accepting the 1st), I had to come up with revisions (which was what I offered). Now here comes the situation: He asked me to add some more info in the document, which I was willing to do (I think this was the 4th edit). He later marked the order complete (since it was due today). Now I've managed to do the required edits, but am not able to text him. I get the following message: What's worse is that any message I type to him, I get this alert; and I've done it 4 times. However he is able to text me and is currently waiting for my edits. Now as a New Seller, I am obviously worried about the TOS violation, but what exactly have I done? The buyer is also waiting for my reply and since I cannot text him, I may risk losing the chance of working with him again.
  15. Hi, so my Inbox Response Rate is reducing for some reason and I have no idea why. I've responded to every message that wasn't spam so I have no idea what's going on. Does anyone have a similar experience?
  16. Sometime, buyers are inboxing a message for requesting a work which match with my different gig service. So if i change gig package/offer as per service requirement, thus have any bad or goof impact for next impression or something lower response rate??? let me know anyone please!!
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