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  1. No , what I meant to say was , fiverr does not do gig rotation . They do complete profile rotation . All of your gigs go down to last page when you are in the rotation
  2. Hello , Sorry for the late reply . Not very much active on the forum , yes after 2.5 months I did rank back . Not on top like before but at least I came to 1 - 3 page . From there I got regular orders ( not like before ) . Here is what I did : Try social media marketing ( did not work ) : Do not recommend itDid some orders with previous buyers : Did not rank me back up even after completing several orders with positive feedbackChanged full gigs ( title , description , etc ) : It was already 2.5 months at this point and my gigs did climb back on search .It is hard to tell if my waiting period was over or my changing the description had anything to do with it
  3. Same issue , facing from more than 60 days
  4. There is a post dedicated for this topic with same name i guess . But all of those are also just assumptions . No one knows the actual reason .
  5. Many are facing this issue and no one is getting a genuine reply from CS , they keep on saying everything is fine and keep on doing good work .
  6. How long did it take to come back in same position ?
  7. Social media promotion wont help in this . What you are facing is profile rotation which several of us are already facing
  8. Several of us are facing same issue currently . I am facing this from almost 2 months now .
  9. This is true and there are tons of bugs on fiverr currently . Customer support gives same answer over and over again without actually checking it or giving a fix .
  10. In this case , there is a bug in fiverr system . It happens when buyer asks something in order page and completes the order before you can respond to it . Then this thing keeps on increasing and there is nothing you can do about it
  11. Sorry, but this sentence makes no sense. If a buyer cancels their order, they cannot leave feedback. You cannot get dinged in two places (your average review score and completed orders). GG What i tried to say is : 1 buyer cancelled the order2nd buyer gave negative review
  12. Did same thing and had few conversion’s that way too but still did not rank up . How can you convert new clients if there are 0 messages from new clients .
  13. No. Unless you involve customer service and they agree to cancel it for you without affecting your stats, you unfortunately get to take a hit to your profile. If the buyer cancelled, they cannot leave a review. Cancelling just affects your completion rate, not your overall star rating. GG Never told same buyer did that .
  14. Yes , most people think its gig rotation but in reality its complete profile rotation . Facing similar issue from almost 2 months and have received 0 new messages since then . Do not know how to rank it back up
  15. Same here . Buyer ordered without consulting and cancelled it instantly and one negative review . My impression were 1.5k - 2k daily which dropped to 50 instantly . Its almost 2 months now and i have received 0 new messages .
  16. The problem lies in , when you are thrown back and then you do not get any new messages , enquiry . Most of buyer request are trash .
  17. Did it get back to normal after 45 days automatically or did you do anything specifically ?
  18. Fiverr support will give same answer everytime " Everything is fine and gigs get rotated on daily basis and there is nothing they can do about that . Fiverr does not guarantee impression / clicks . Also if you are qualified for gig promotion , that does not mean it is permanent " Several of us are facing this issue and there is no proper answer from support .
  19. Good ! Facing same issue and its almost 2 months now .
  20. Did you do anything specific or it came back after set amount of time . If it came back automatically , how much time did you have to wait
  21. There is no definitive period , i assumed that based on other post with similar issues . There is no guarantee on the time period . My best guess would be get new orders with no late delivery , no cancellation and good reviews
  22. I think its part of fiverr rotation . Did you get any recent cancellations , bad reviews or several late deliveries ? From what i have been able to gather is that it may take 2 - 3 months to get you back on top .
  23. From what we know , the review period takes 2 - 3 months . Even if you have not done anything wrong , it will take this long from them to restore your account and your stats wont go away .
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