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  2. You can't determine for me when and how to respond. It is a public forum like you stated. I didn't say anything wrong. If you have an answer to the question, provide yours.
  3. You have never answered I don't know to a question all your life?
  4. It happens to everyone. Just be patient and make some changes to your gigs.
  5. What?! Penalty of $4? When did that one start?
  6. That's an honest review. Hahaha
  7. This will remove middlemen and reduce withdrawal fees drastically.
  8. If they can allow crypto withdrawals (via USDT or BUSD) using Binance, that'd be great. Payoneer and our banks are killing me with fees.
  9. Wait............ The wrong English will make the person's system get infected? Damn.
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