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Found 7 results

  1. I have seen that many sellers have added big companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Apple and they are building a website for $30. It's impossible to believe that they have worked with such big companies but they are offering website services for $30. How does the 'Among my clients' tab work and which clients are allowed to be added to it? I think we can add all the clients we have worked with, but can we also add Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and WebFlow? We use these platforms to build websites and they give us badges as a result. For example, I am a Wix partner and a member of the Squarespace Circle. Can I add these companies in the 'Among my clients' tab? I have seen many top-rated sellers doing this and mentioning their badges/pro membership details in the "among my client" description. Is this legal? Please help me with this. I would appreciate it. Thank you 🙂
  2. Hi, I am Ali. As a level one seller on Fiverr, I just wanted to ask all of you what you all did for Fiverr gig marketing because some of the freelancers said not to share their profile links with anyone. Initially, I was getting many orders, and I was so happy because I was delivering a good final output and the clients were also happy with me. But somehow it all went downhill. I wanted to do it for the long term. Can you all, as experts, advise me on gig marketing and such? My niche is 3D Modeling & Rendering
  3. Good day to everyone, I'm hoping all of you are doing well. Two months have passed since I made the decision to make my Fiverr profile inaccessible due to certain health concerns. I was offline for a while during the time, which resulted in me losing my Level 1 badge and forcing me to start again as a new seller. I am excited to ask the expert, what should I do now to rank the gigs on Fiverr search results? Should I not change anything about my gigs? I am totally unaware of the recent updates of Fiverr. I am looking forward to know your recommendations and how I can my new journey on Fiverr once again. I can't wait to read your responses. Best,
  4. There is a section under my profile named as mentioned above. I want to ask about how it works and how much time does it take to add clients to the profile? Thank you
  5. Hello Everyone. Hope you all doing great 💝 Today a buyer (she is also a level one seller) message me to help her in her REACT project. Within few minutes, I was happily send her a beautiful message with a big YES 🤩. But I got a pop-Up notification "🛑unable to send your message" my message was not send. Then I noticed that she is unavailable. For that reason I couldn't reply to her. BUT the main problem is here. Now I can understand her unavailability, but my ⏲️ clock doesn't want to.🥲 Its just increasing the response time. Now tell me what I can do? Is there any way to stop the clock ? She will be available after 1 month, should I send him the response after one month? 🥴 Or if there is any other solutions feel free to suggest me. Thank you. Nazmul.
  6. .My Fiverr Account and all of my Gigs are down for the last 10 months 10 months ago, in the Last December, 2020 I had to cancelled 2 orders. Because, by then I was not taking any orders, as at that time I had so many orders in hand which needed to finished first and then I could take more orders.. After that, its been 9 months, actually more than 9 months my Best Selling gig is down and out.. Which was also received "Fiverr Choice" Badge last year October. My gig is active but not found in the 20 pages that are visible to everyone with all of the 5 keywords.. And this is been the case, for all my gigs.. Even if, I'm creating new gigs its also not foundable in any of 20 pages that are visible to everyone with any of the 5 keywords that are in my gigs.. I've sent buyer requests quite often.. Edited my gigs to at its best, as fiverr customer support team suggested, like the Gig Image, title and all.. But nothing seems working for me.. Things are getting very hard for me.. The stats of my profile's gig has been nightmare for me.. As, my best selling gig once had daily impressions of 2k to 2.8k, sometimes even more and had 100+ clicks everyday.. It was way back in December, 2020. But since then, Through this 9 months and more.. it's been down and out.. I even now get only 7 impressions a day, sometimes 3 impressions a day.. And if, I calculate the my total impressions in the last 6 months, it's only 3.3k impressions, 124 clicks and 5 orders only in the last 6 months from my Best Selling Gig.. With which, I had 36 orders in One month, when I achieved the "Fiverr Choice" badge for serving quality works to my buyers.. And in December, I had 20 orders from my Best Selling gig.. But now, in the last 6 months, only 5 orders in 6 months..!! Which is horrible for me.. And also to mention, I never late delivery any of my order throughout my Fiverr Career so far and in the last 9 months, I never had any order cancellations or nothing.. Everything my ratings are overall 5.0, order completion rate, response time, rate and everything is 100%.. And I maintain high quality work and a Good Average Gig Selling price on my orders.. I have literally done everything, as I can to get back on the rankings and get my place back as I had in 9 months ago.. Contacted the customer team multiple times and done everything as they mentioned in there.. But still nothing is working for me! What else I can do?? What should I do? Is there any proper solution of it? Any proper advice which can actually help me and get me out of this NIGHTMARE situation?
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