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  1. One ear in, one ear out. I get to hear myself AND what my mic is picking up to get a better feel of what the final results will be! One of the few times having ADHD helps, were I can focus on more than one thing easily.
  2. It is. I've seen people do stuff like that irl for less. Never underestimate the length a lazy person will go to for "free" money. But I understand the point you are trying to make. They seem to screen the people they offer this feature to.
  3. Clarification: I've never had anything show up as a BLANK like that for me before. Everything is classified under its own category, and can be traced back with an order number. This had neither of those thing.
  4. Wishing you great fortune this year! The first step is always the hardest. And now it should just be all smooth sailing ⛵ Goodluck!🤞🏽💖
  5. Valuable feedback? Read the rules. Follow the rules and understand them. Invest in your business by taking Fiverr Tests, taking reputable courses, and making sure you have the best gig description and images in your niche. Don't copy or steal from other sellers. Make sure the services you offer are unique, authentic, and you can most importantly actually DO the thing you say you can. And you will be a prominent Fiverr seller in no time. Good luck friend👍🏽💝
  6. Tips aren't shown to me that way. Like I showed in the screenshot, it's listed as it's own thing. I've never had anything show up on my earnings page like that before. I've never done milestone orders before, so that couldn't be it. (But thank you for the heads up!) But regardless of that the person I talked to from CS informed me it WAS a glitch from a new buyer not understanding the system. (They accidentally bought a gig extra and tried to change it to a tip while accepting AND revising the order. I'm still not sure how they got so confused 😅) I know. I was being hyperbolic and my usual dramatic self 🥰
  7. Making a new account makes no difference. What matters is the effort, time, and skill you put into the account. So it being dormant is not an issue you should worry about.
  8. If you mean accept that buyer requests is gone? Than yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
  9. 100% a hacker, don't even bother. A lot of these type of file formats are sent to YouTubers with fake sponsorship opportunities and that is how they highjack your computer and take all your info and accounts. It's a good thing you blocked, but you should've reported before deleting to save someone else from accidentally falling for this malicious trick.
  10. Buyer Requests are no longer available and has been removed from the site and replaced with Buyer Briefs. If you click on the Buyer Request button and actually read what is there, exactly what I said will be explained to you.
  11. izah_moh

    Writer needed

    I can help. But something tells me your gonna give a hard pass to that idea 😅
  12. Basically how they operate with tips. It just makes no sense that they wouldn't attach an order number and name to it, and then go as far as to separately classify it as "Payment will clear" instead of "Order/Tip will clear" like it's previously done for order extras or tips. Just creates unnecessary confusion. But I'll just chalk it up to being a bug and call it a day. Thanks again! 💝💖
  13. In the end, moral of the story, I should've had faith in Fiverr and realize they would never make a mistake in their financing where I'D be the one getting more money than I actually made. (Can't say the same for/speak on behalf of those who say Fiverr has been taking money from them) So next time this happens, I can just rest easy that everything will work itself out (or probably already has). The End 📖💖
  14. @uk1000 I just went into the order and realized the final total and what I made aren't correct! MYSTERY SOLVED! Thank God!!! (It shows as $56 in the order but $48 and a separate $8 in the overview. I don't know how I missed that! It's never done that for me before) They do, but they also write it as "Tip" in the description. And whenever a client purchases a gig extra or add-on, it's added as one general amount under the main order. I've never seen anything separated as it's own thing without an order number or client name attached. But thanks so much for helping me! ❤️ Now I feel bad for wasting Customer Support's time. I should probably just go withdraw my ticket seeing as they're already backed up as it is.
  15. I've done the math multiple times and everything seems to add up. I had some tips disappear a while ago but then seem to reappear during the first week of January. I cannot seem to trace this back to any order as it has no order number or any identifying feature attached to it. I though so too, but the client for that order accidentally made an extra purchase on the order (they're new to the site) and tried to reverse it but couldn't, and decided to leave it as a tip. But maybe you're right! The final amount should be reflected as one payment, so maybe Fiverr is being buggy and showing it as two separate payments instead?
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