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  1. What witchcraft is this? ๐Ÿค” In my two years on this platform I've never seen this option before. And I want it now so badly!! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. 100,000% it is. I literally got a repeat top rated buyer for one of my gigs (out of several others) who comes by CONSTANTLY and he would've never noticed me if it wasn't for that feature. Although it is a bit pricey, but I set aside money from one or two gigs and bid the highest amount possible. The clients I get from that are well worth the investment that I can fully stop using the feature (for now) and focus on my clientele. I suggest setting aside $10 to $20 and bid $1.50 (daily) for each spot available to you (or higher!). The Fiverr algorithm running the feature would definitely try to reward you and not want to waste your money and filter good paying clients your way. At least that's what I think happened to me. (Also your gigs have to me good and top quality. That's a no-brainer.) Anyway good luck and I wish you good fortune! ๐Ÿ’•
  3. You're gig page looks really good! I see no issues with it for now. It's honestly better and more professional than a lot of others that you see in that niche category. So I wish you well and good luck in your future endeavours with this second gig my friend!
  4. This is also such a spiteful thing to say from a "respectable business owner". I don't know why you decided to make this so personal. But since you've elected to ignore my statement, I'll just have to go off my assumptions and assume the worse. For the uninitiated, I am a Black African Muslim woman from Nigeria. Longtime users of this forum may have seen me around the forum a whiles back just generally being stupid and getting into silly arguments. I USED to have my profile picture be my actual picture. But it became a form of harassment where people will come in my DMs and say the most horrendous things to me. And others (because of the types of gigs I offer) would try and makes things s****l and uncomfortable and super creepy. I even made a post about it a long time ago trying to discuss it but, oh well, I don't wanna talk about it. I removed my real face image and put in a drawn one because I see other sellers do it and the platform has no rule against having drawn profile pictures. People have logos for profile pics, why not drawn avatars? Also another main reason I changed it is because I'm a YouTuber who hasn't fully come out to show my face yet so when fans started discovering my gig page I just decided removing my picture was the best course of action. Luckily for me though, my religion and skintone has no major effect on my rate of getting buyers. It's the other sellers I always seem to have issue with ๐Ÿคจ So thank you for being a condescending prick. I hope this interaction helps you to understand better that not everything you assume in your head is actually a reality. I'm not "misrepresenting" my race. If anything I'd choose to portray myself as an attractive white (or Asian!) woman because they obviously get way more attention and gigs. Anyway, I hope you have a good and pleasant rest of your day! ๐Ÿ’•
  5. Dear God Almighty, what is your problem? Out of my entire statement THAT is what you focus on??? And you even have the audacity to call me a newbie when you literally went through my profile and you'd SEE I was on this platform for nearly 2 years now AND I'm a Level 2 seller. So again, I'll redirect the conversation back to my 3rd point, which I'm honestly dying to hear you answer. Because you wouldn't bring it up if it wasn't a point of contention for you. You were exactly the type of people I pointed out in my original post. People foaming at the mouth at the THOUGHT of talking about Fiverr and money in any other way that isn't blind praise. This is just a regular conversation dude. Relax.
  6. Sir, you're at an 11, I need you to come down to a 2. 1. What I choose to do on this platform and how I choose to present myself has not one single effect on you. If buyers don't like me (which a lot seem to do because they say I come off as genuine and fun) they are not obligated to hire me. 2. I was asking for other people's opinions, not starting a fight. That's why I chucked this in the "Casual Conversations" section. And most importantly 3. What do you MEAN misrepresenting my race??? I'd like you to further clarify that last point because I don't want to jump to conclusions about your intent with that statement without first fully understanding what you mean by it. This is supposed to be a casual and chill conversation, but you seem to be the only one treating this conversation like you're ready to go to battle for Sparta or something.
  7. I wasn't speaking for myself, ๐Ÿค” I was speaking for the platform as a whole. Most sellers don't, if ever, get tips. Just making a general none specific statement cause I don't like to assume. That wasn't a solution. That was their initial implement of the idea to stop the POTENTIAL of a problem before it even happened. So like I said, 3 years later should have given them enough time to come up with a PROPER solution to that didn't even yet occur. Exactly! If they can implement this. Why can they have a system were if the tip is more then, I don't know, 20% of the initial order? Or 50%? Then they take their cut of the tip. So if someone makes a $5 service but asks for $50 tip, they take the full 20% cut, cause 50 bucks is 1000% more then the initial order. I can't be the only one that thinks this is a relatively simple enough problem to fix if the right minds (and coding experts) were brought together?
  8. To be fair I don't think buyers should/would read the terms of service with as much scrutiny as sellers should/would. It's perfectly reasonable and understandable for them to be surprised by that. Heck, I've met buyers who were surprised by the 20% commission fee on normal orders and decided to tip me afterwards simply because they felt bad and that the charges were too much. This platform is just a place for people to buy and sell things. I don't think there's much intelligence required in doing that ๐Ÿ˜… It shouldn't be as complicated as people are trying to make it out to be.
  9. You quite literally learn something new every day. Why put a cap on it though??? That's MORE money! I think they implemented it initially as a counter scam measure but at the end of the day they're still taking their 20% soooooo, what gives!?
  10. I swear to God I saw NONE of this when I looked through Google search and the forming for 2 to several hours straight for answers for this. Thanks so much though! That loophole a scenario is super scary. Although after 3 years, would Fiverr be able to find a solution to the loophole problem? I mean, tips aren't a regular common occurrence that they can't have people review it from time to time when things look fishy. And if that be the case, sellers who try that practice more often than not will fall in the hands of buyers willing to scam them and walk away with all their money and the seller would have no way of reporting to Fiverr (because then they will just be outing themselves). So it would more than likely solve itself as the sellers would stop offering such an avenue because they got scammed too many times. At the end of the day, it's just 20%. Pay it for your order and quit whining you baby. (๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿฝ I'm saying this to the sellers who hate the 20% rule and are constantly trying to find loopholes)
  11. Fair argument. But also, if a tip is larger then the sum of the order (by multiple percentages even) I assumed Fiverr would be obligated to look into it or even have an algorithm to detect and deal with such occurrences accordingly. People suck. No two ways about it. But if we started dictating the way the platform operated because of a few bad eggs, then we should just turn off the setting to allow newbies to join right now. People already exploit the platform without these things in place. But I get where you're coming from and value your input. It's actually really insightful and a good point to look at!
  12. Yes! I've met some very nice sellers who have given me tips as a way to make up the difference of Fiverr taking out their fees. And other being shocked an appalled when they realized their tip was being taken from. I thought sellers knew about the fee since I think one even told me they pay extra to even send in a tip. I don't fault Fiverr at all for taking their cut. It's their platform and it's afforded me wonderful opportunities. I just wanted to talk about it and see other sellers opinions about the subject ever since after I had that interaction I had with that buyer.
  13. Buwahahaha!!! ๐Ÿคฃ Yes, please! Moderators or someone, please close this thread. I know they leave threads open for a year or something. But this topic is long dead and no longer serves any relevance ๐Ÿ˜‚
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