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  1. The client asks me to any other contact details for chat, is this against to fiverr TOS?
  2. Thank you for replying
  3. You misunderstood me,actually i want to know if the buyer is genuine or fake,is there any way to know that?
  4. They offered a project based on contract term.if it is fake, then my valuable time will be wasted.
  5. They have offered me a job related to one of my gig,but i haven't got a single click on that gig.
  6. I got a message in my inbox,when i checked the details of the buyer it only shows his name, location and when he became a member of fiverr. Nothing else.Can i accept this order?
  7. If i get a buyer brief can i reject it for any reason, and if so will it affect my further fiverr journey
  8. Fiverr sends me this message " (client-name) can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate".so i think its spam
  9. Hi, i'm new in fiverr.I didn't get buyer request, only getting spam messages. Could you please help me with this
  10. Hi, l joined fiverr for 3 weeks, and i haven't received a single click, could you please help me with this🤨
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