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  1. I know, that’s why I’m on Fiverr. They will or they don’t have too (it’s up to them) after they get the result, building trust from basic and growing.
  2. Why don’t you want people to buy your service? Only people that “close”. I do more like “new” people because I can get new experiences and learn the new things.
  3. Is that what the term used in your language translates as, “someone who does a service by him/herself”, or do you use the term “freelancer” in your language? I read it from the old article (in 2001 or 2003 if I’m not wrong the year) when I was in college and did freelance since read that article.
  4. Hmm . . . Freelancer is the name of the person who do “service” by self (not in group), not in under any company but company can hire them. Freelance is self (the person). Freelancing is the progress of the person do or searching the project. Note: If you’re working in a group (more than 1 person), you’re not a freelancer but you’re an entrepreneur.
  5. I think your username is great, imagine this: logo: you designed a logo for buyers. expert: you’re experienced on this criteria. 48: can say, you can finish logo project in just 48 hours.
  6. I’m new here and enjoying what others do in here, I learn more and practice what they said to be a better seller on Fiverr.
  7. Thanks for your welcome but, I do more interesting with @jonbaas “hidden secret” success. Because I don’t want people that I know (close) buy my service, it feels like . . . Ugh, that’s not cool.
  8. The guardian: But jooonn . . . (And then @jonbaas left the room without say anything to the guardian . . . The guardian believe that he will back with the golden key. The key to safe the sellers from “have no project” situation).
  9. Nothing I have posted is a secret. For me, it’s a secret 🤫
  10. With all due respect, you are taking this forum thread off-topic. Complaining that other people are participating in this topic, is not what this topic is about. I offered advice to other sellers – advice to help them focus on success. Let’s keep this topic about that advice. You can post your off-topic complaints in other appropriate forum topics. So, can I messages you in private?
  11. A name is the brand by which you are known. Brand matters. It does not guarantee sales, but it does help people remember who you are and what you stand for, which can be helpful when building a customer base. Your name is not likely to be the reason why you aren’t getting orders. You aren’t gaining orders, because your competitors are likely convincing all of your target customers to hire them. If you want to earn more orders, be better than the 162,000 competitors that offer the same services you offer. Agreed. Best secret answer from @jonbaas
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