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  1. New sellers especially take up this tasks just to get their gig and for reviews. I did took up one copy paste job which I thought would be that easy only to realize its a large volume of file for just $25, it almost sniffed out life from me cos I was under pressure to deliver on time. Sleepless nights for just $25. I learnt from there actually, and am in no rush anymore to get to the $400 mark which qualifies me for level 1. Though I still take up some, but it should be at a reasonable price
  2. Thank you very much for your contribution ma'am
  3. You can mail support@fiverr.com or use the support section on your app or website Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I have it in mind to reach out to my old contacts on Fiverr; those who at one time bought my gig and those who only messaged to enquired about it but never bought it. My intention is to remind them of the services I offer in case they have task related to the gigs. So my question is; does doing this also violates Fiverr's ToS? Remember, these are contacts that some have ordered for my gig before. Thank you as I await your response
  5. I can't be so sure in your case, but I know gigs are denied only because it doesn't concur with Fiverr' terms of service. I once created a gig offering academic assistance like writing thesis, dissertation, seminars and assignment that was denied immediately after it went public. You can contact customer support to know why your gig was denied. I hope you find this helpful
  6. Hi @seven_sign, I really appreciate your contribution. I reached out to customer support and was told warnings are cleared up ones history after 90 days without subsequent violation of terms. This is just to update you of the recent development of Fiverr's operating methods. Thank you
  7. Wow! Thank you for this hint sir. I never envisaged I can get my warning lifted. I will do as you suggested and hope the warning is lifted. Thank you, Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, I had an experience I never imagined yesterday. A buyer posted in the BR for a particular service that I offer. He asked that we submit offers which I did but then I tried to contact him directly, but this is where I got it wrong. While sending in my proposal, my phone's autocorrect feature changed 'human services to Hangouts services' without proofreading all that I had typed, I sent in the proposal. This doesn't meet him well and buyer had to spam my message. Some hours later I got a warning from Fiverr, briefing me about their ToS and how I can lose my account if such should happen again. Below are just two terms sellers need to abide with to avoid being blocked on Fiverr for violating BR terms. 1. It is a violation of Fiverr's ToS to message Buyers directly. Always and only use the BR to bid for job. 2. Do not share any personal details or mention any other communication platform outside Fiverr while communicating with clients (example Hangouts that was a mistakenly typed). You can get your account warned, suspended or blocked if Buyers spam your message. These are what should be avoided, you can add to these if you've had similar experience. Keep bidding for jobs through BR, ensure you use up your offers daily, optimize your gig, put in a compelling proposal and certainly, buyers will contact you. Thank you
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