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  1. You are right but if we see here on Fiverr, most of the competitors rates remains lower then should we keep our rates lower too?
  2. Hello, I hope you all are doing great! I have completed top-rated requirements a few months ago but have not nominated for that badge yet. I am thinking to raise my top-selling gig’s prices but I wanted to take advice from the senior members of this community based on their experiences about raising the prices. Why I am thinking to raise my prices: The reason why I am thinking to raise prices is that I feel my work/skill worth more than what I am charging now. I am offering the same services on another platform too and people there are completely fine and satisfied with almost 5x than what I am charging here. One other reason that I feel I should increase my prices is that many times buyers place the direct order and their work’s scope is higher and then it takes a lot of time to explain to them and ask them for extra and sometimes I also have to do that work for the low price in order to keep myself safe from bad ratings or from the negative effect on orders completion rate. My fear and advice that I am seeking for: But I am a little afraid of “what will happen after”. The situation is that my gig is ranked but sometimes there is a good workflow, potential clients do contact and then I convert them to my buyers as much as I can but sometimes the work becomes slower so, therefore, I am little confused that either increasing the prices would be a good decision or not? What if my gig got de-rank? Another big question that arises in my mind is that, many other people offering the same services and also have good ratings but have low prices and when I will raise my prices then why people will buy my services? To prove to them that I charge more because I give better services, communication, and customer service I would have to at least communicate with them. But I would not be able to prove this if they do not message me and only compare my prices and reviews with others’ prices and reviews and decide to message or order base on those two parameters. I have 1k+ reviews on my profile from which 900+ are on my top-selling gig and this is the gig about which I am thinking to raise my prices. I have read other similar posts on the forum but I wanted to know advice according to my case/situation. I will look forward to hearing from you. Best regards,
  3. You can only withdraw from Fiverr one time in 24 hours. For example, if you did withdraw on 09:00AM then you would be able to use withdraw button again after 09:00AM next day (you must have cleared amount to withdraw). Thank you!
  4. I have read the complete article but the question is, if our gigs will disappear from the search when we are not available then I am curious to know that how new potential buyers will contact us if we would have enabled “new buyers on Fiverr to contact me” option?
  5. Hello, I just noticed, there is a new feature on my dashboard to “Set Availablity”. When we click on that “Set Availability” there is written “When unavailable, you won’t be able to receive new orders.” and gives us the option to set the date that from which date to which date you will be unavailable. This feature also allows you to write a custom message so that buyers can see your message when visiting your Gig or profile page. It also provides you the option to enable new buyers on Fiverr to contact you. My question is when we will set an unavailability date but do not allow new buyers to contact us on Fiverr, then either our gigs will remain visible in the search results or not? As earlier when we did put the maximum orders limit on any gig, it got disappeared from the search. If anyone knows the answer, please share the knowledge in the comment. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I receive many orders which people place without reading anything and we have to end up on cancellation which reduces my orders completion rate. I am thinking to put a main picture of my gig by writing “Please don’t place direct order”. So my question is, is this OK to do within the rules? I also have seen that a top-rated seller of my field has putten a main gig picture by writing that " Don’t place direct order otherwise order will be canceled". Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!
  7. I am working since years, my gig was also ranked on first page. In the mid of the may it get disappeared for 2 weeks but got automatically fixed after 2 weeks at the start of the June but after the 1 or 2 first weeks of June the gig has been de-ranked on last pages. I was doing good work and the cancellations were also normal as compare to previous months but the thing which is happening nowadays never happened to me for this much long time. I hardly get a new client’s message nowadays. I talked to CS about this but their answer was general that gigs keep shuffling etc. Earlier whenever I did search my gig with my complete title it got show on in first place in the search results of my title but nowadays if I search my gig with my full title and putting all the “category”, “online”, and “seller level” filter, even then my gig shows in the very last pages of the results against my gig’s title search. I am so worried now a days but I am not going to make any big changes like in tags etc. I am unable to understand what should I do, I am frustrated. But I think the best is to stay calm and just wait for the best days. I think something is going abnormal with the system, maybe due to the new features (promoted ads) which they are testing nowadays. One new thing which I noticed today was that the keywords on which my gig was ranked, I searched that today again before doing that title search about which I told above, and I noticed that there was a gig of one of my competitor that was shown on the same page where was my gig in the results of the title of my gig. His gig was also ranked with me earlier on first page but now his gig was also not on the first page of that keyword. Its just complex! But I guess, something is wrong with the system nowadays!
  8. I am also having this issue nowadays. My gig has been de-ranked and also if I search it with complete title, even then it does not show up. I think there is something wrong with the system. I also have messaged to the CS about it and waiting for their reply.
  9. Wow!! Really? :star_struck: No, I was not aware of this but I had some thoughts about this because sometimes my gig was not even showing to me in the search results but still in those times I receive messages or orders but very few and I thought maybe it would be showing under some other keyword about which I even do not know but would be ranked and maybe people would reaching to me by searching from those keywords.
  10. I am also facing this issue. My gig is de-ranked from the keywords on which it was ranked and also when I try to search my gig with my exact gig’s title even then it does not show in the result, I also tried putting “online sellers” and my level’s filter but still it was not there on the first few pages on which I looked. Earlier when normally I did this, my gig did show on the very first place in the results of searching my gig’s title but this time something is strange. I also have messaged to the CS about this issue which seems like a bug.
  11. @whiteboard_007 According to my assessment, shuffling of the 1st page ranked gig between the rows and columns of first page and even sometime it go to second page but also come back to the first page. Don’t worry, this is not a big problem. The big problem is for people like me who were doing well and their gigs were also ranked but suddenly many of them’s gigs disappeared and also many sellers’ gigs went to the very last. It seems that there is some problem with the system because even if I search my gig with my complete title and also with my seller level badge and online sellers filter, it shows on the very last page. It should show on the first in results as before when I put this much filters and complete title of my gig in the search. So, I am feeling that something is going wrong with the algorithm.
  12. @niloybanik6837 I am not sure, brother. I just think that this can be the reason, I am sharing my thoughts with you people.
  13. @organicseoleads Yes the price change can be the reason as well but I see many people are facing very abnormal things nowadays.
  14. Effective proposal means to the point and the proposal which would attract the buyer. You can try difference things and the proposal on which you get reply then that would your effective proposal.
  15. You can do this after opening the specific order page and there when you will click on the “visit the resolution center” button on the right side then you will have an option there “ask the buyer to cancel this order”.
  16. Both have same effect on the orders completion rate but if we talk about the ranking factor then algorithm might see these as 2 different things. I normally prefer to initiate cancellation from my side.
  17. Yes I normally cancel the order to avoid poor rating. I also do try my best to prevent order cancellation by providing extra work without any extra amount but sometimes some orders have to be canceled, we do not have any other option. So these are those orders. But where these orders get canceled there on the other hand I also completed many orders. There might be one other reason too, there was a directly placed order which was started on 28th of May and I delivered on the same date and buyer asked for the revision and I asked them something but after that, they did not respond me and it had been passed 20 days and then I asked CS to cancel my this order and they did it cancel but they also understood that buyer was unresponsive but the algorithm might not have understood this and algorithm may just have understood that this person took a long time to revise an order whether I was waiting to their reply to finalize the revise the delivery. So my question is, do you think that as this order was in revision state for the 20+ days, can it be the reason for de-ranking my gig? Does the algorithm note this thing? If yes then it can be the reason for de-ranking because the algorithm might think that this seller is taking too long for revision but in actual the buyer was not responsive.
  18. Sorry, I thought you replied on my other thread therefore I replied very differently. So answering to your question, I think when you talked about 5 stars then you violate tos. In my case it was clear that buyer wrote a very good comment and then gave 1 start directly not even 4 or 3. I described the situation to them, I did not say them why it is 1 star and/or it should be 5.On the other hand, buyer also had opened the ticket about this. Many times people who get warning with discussing this with CS. There might be difference that how they discuss. Sometimes people are in so anger that when they get 1 star rating they their-selves start considering it that buyer leave it with mistake and start messaging to the buyer about this and also open the ticked and when CS see their messages about 5 stars then they might give warning.
  19. Oh! I should have cancelled this order way earlier. How do you think can I cover this loss if happens due to this order? Normally, I deliver all my orders 70% earlier than the deadline. Keep delivering the orders faster would improve my gig or should I do any other thing as well? Please share your thoughts. Thank you!
  20. Hello, I am a level 2 seller and my top-selling gig has lost it’s raking a few days ago. There was an order which was started on 28th of May and I delivered on the same date and buyer asked for the revision and I asked them something but after that, they did not respond me and it had been passed 20 days and then I asked CS to cancel my this order and they did it cancel. So my question is, do you people think that as this order was in revision state for the 20+ days, can it be the reason of de-ranking my gig? Does the algorithm note this thing? If yes then it can be the reason for de-ranking because the algorithm might think that this seller is taking too long for revision but in actual the buyer was not responsive. Please share your thoughts. Thank you!
  21. Yes, same is happening with me. My top selling gig was ranked on first page and later it stopped showing in search results and even with searching my full title it did not showing in results but today when I searched full title of my gig then it was showing on the last of the results. Its strange, I am not receiving new orders or messages of new buyers.
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