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  1. Does anyone know if we’re still allowed to do this? 😦 maybe you don’t want to temp fate
  2. 100% nope just kidding, though if anyone has an ant-artic buyers I’d love to hear from you.
  3. So back to the original question: does it make your profile more visible on fiverr when you have orders in your order? I am trying to think of why orders come in bunches.
  4. Seems to me when it rains it pours. And I like it, sometimes. When I have 1 order in queue I have to ask, does it affect your ratings? Sure having an order makes your gig looks popular. But does having an order already ‘increase’ your visibility on fiverr? I ask because it really does seem my orders come in bunches. Or is it just me? -Radio Jay Voice Over Guy
  5. Oh look at that, that is a really useful feature. Especially for me, when you are looking for part of a conversation for order detailing!
  6. @tomeaexpert Using fiverr like a computer should be there, and all the typical functions that computers do, because it kinda is expected in 2018. Agreed!
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