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  1. Finished my first two order 5star with tip but 1 month passed with no order.
  2. I do photo retouching.But don't know how to get buyer address to send buyer request.Asking for help how to find buyer address related to photo retouching.Thank you
  3. learn.com provides badge after completing any course .Will it help to get more order or increase gig promotion.
  4. I didn't get my payoner card yet. Can i withdraw mony using my friends card?
  5. Some people says ,fiver allows to use auto refresh software to refresh page automatically.Is it true?Will I face any problem later, if I use auto refresh software? Thank you
  6. I don't find my gig if i short it by"online seller",but if i search it normal mode I find it in first page.what is the problem?I find my other gig if i search by "online seller".
  7. This will save lots of new seller like me from danger. Thank you
  8. I do photo retouching.But where do i will get buyer address of buyer.
  9. I completed my fist order with all 5 star before 7 days,but till then not getting any new order.Should i be worried?
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