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  1. Put a ring 💍 If you’re into that hehe In practice all movements need a justified reason and there are not many reasons allowed, we need to compile a self certification module and a transgression is considered a criminal offence (punishable with fine or up to three months in jail). It’s real, there are patrols on the streets.
  2. The Gig title should be suitable for all your packages, your Standard and Premium packages for example include an higher number of words. Your delivery times and your prices seem too high compared with the competition.
  3. We keep answering your questions but it seems that you don’t consider any answer.
  4. If they find the violation yes, but there is nothing that you can do about that at this point.
  5. You don’t need to refund. Follow the suggestion of @lloydsolutions.
  6. @artistshop, this feature already exists. On the app, you find the Forum under Account (first icon on the right, at the bottom) General/Support/Forum.
  7. Think to the number of those that match with the above and never post on the Forum. Never.
  8. A little creative math there using the averages (50%@ 40 hours, 22% @ 20 hours, 10% @ 60 hours - there’s 18% missing there for some reason) and you would come to the conclusion that in fact the average is around 37 hours! Overall there are big variations in the different quoted posts which makes it strange to put them all together in one post. It’s even stranger to only pick some of them to highlight them when there is such a variance in the data. I do appreciate that the links to the sources are there and that one can spend ages reading all of the sources but you then find that each of these has 3-6 sources of their own to then check and so on! Stats are there to be factual or as factual as possible and to clear up doubts. These stats presented like this make it extremely murky to say the least. Anyone writing (apparently you writers only write for 8 hours per week btw) an article like this would be better showing all of the data from each source together so it can be compared. eg. Clockify says x, y and z are at 20, 30 and 40% whereas Inc. says x, y and z are at 10, 20 and 30% so the reader can then decide which source is more credible. That’s how stats are supposed to be used! (Unless of course you have a point you want to make for whoever commissioned you) Statistics is the art of proving that you’re never wrong.
  9. Jan Garbarek, in Turin, middle of the 90s.
  10. The risk is now actually higher with 8.1, Windows 10 is currently stable, less vulnerable and quite faster. The antivirus is integrated and self updating, it works well. There may be problems with some old hardware (graphic or audio cards), but not on a Microsoft machine (or a plain Intel machine). I am a Linux guy too and I use Ubuntu on a regular basis. If your backup laptop is slow you could consider to change the disk and install a solid state unit. The old advice “use xubuntu or lubuntu” aged badly, because in practice they are rather unrefined. An SSD is way faster and the smaller ones are now cheap.
  11. Your premium package, that costs $100, is described as 30 hours of work, 6 hours included (sic), 5 days delivery time. How do you translate this to $145? Please tell me it’s a joke.
  12. I am referring to the second example, that has a clear indication of the amount of work. (transfer about 60 products from shopify to squarespace).
  13. You should say something significant about the request. You basically say I think I can do the job, please give me an opportunity. Chances are that they couldn’t care less. Details like the delivery time and the amount of the offer are quite fundamental.
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