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  1. Create a useful and attractive content on your own and have an eye catching gig image and relevant.
  2. I think to correct the things and try your best not to cancel the order as it is your first order and first review will have a huge impact on your profile. IF still the things doesnt go well it is just CANCEL.
  3. Something Really Good, helpful and interesting Found first time on Fiverr Forum, Color psychology It really help to attract the visitors.
  4. Doing all these things are Okay. But I would suggest to all the new Fiverr freelancers that Take a course on the Fiverr which is free that will help you know how fiverr works and how you have to start and all thing related to your Gig.
  5. Try to send the request to professional buyer
  6. Yes, But the you forgot something, Quality Work Client experience Great reviews
  7. It is just simple be on words what you said. Do not compromise with the quality and always be clear.
  8. Do the research and have an attractive gig with clear description
  9. Firstly analyse your self that after convening the buyer for more time are you sure you can deliver the 20% work. Otherwise just talk to the client about the problems I hope the buyer will understand. You can also decrease the price of your work It may work and can save you from cancellation. If still things are not good go for cancellation and be ready for your next project. Do not repeat the mistake again.
  10. Forum is for solving queries and having discussions on the different topics. I don't seem that active on forum can help you earn badge. It just a place where experts helps newbies. Always be careful and stay away from myths.
  11. Put a Good description and title and Promote on Social media
  12. The article is very useful and really helpful
  13. Write A good description do the research and have lots of Good Gig Images.
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