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  1. I am not agree with act because it’s under the section of fiverr TOS (Misuse of delivery button).
  2. Hi Guys, I see many people getting the same issue so I thought, I can break out some reasons why it’s happening. Fiverr always provide promoted gig options for the only qualified gig. You will get unqualified if you encounter some of the following issues Order Cancellation or bad rating that you have received on Promoted Gig.If the month ends and your personal balance is Zero and you have not added 2nd payment method via credit cards and your previous ad spending is not paid.Your Account’s current status does not meets (Promoted gig) criteria.
  3. According to my experience as a Top Rated seller. Some buyers are in hurry and they have no time to review us. The point is they are satisfied and return after different internals. Moreover, You can share these types of words to your seller for recommendations: "Your satisfaction with our work is a top priority. If there are any issues or changes in the video, please contact me directly and I will address it ASAP. If you are satisfied, please consider providing us feedback on this order. Your recommendation for us in the community, help us continue providing quality work to buyers like you." Regards, Mobe
  4. On serious note this is not a bad advice. I am stick with it. Just open you laptop lid login your account and go for a bid. When you wake up, refresh it, and then stick with your mobile. It’s simple. Take care, bye.
  5. As you know Fiverr do not grantee for sales. I shared you some tips which work for me next hope for the best.
  6. GG I totally agree with your argument on refreshers extension. But strongly disagree with your criticism, I shared my personal experience and I am sure personal experience and circumstances vary from person to person. I am not liable to share any proof to you. Regards, Shobi
  7. I am strongly agree with #olyasr. Respect yourself is more important.
  8. Ohhh this is great track. Hope this track will remove your anxiety.
  9. First of all, don’t lose hope. Second, search your audience on social media and set paid ad campaign with your gig. Final and important: 24 hours online time on fiverr through laptop or pc.
  10. I am very interested . Please contact me for this program.
  11. Great step for serious sellers.
  12. Welcome to most professional community.
  13. Do SEO with proper keywords, check the descriptions properly with high search words, analyze the CTR rate and you will bang with orders.
  14. Everything looks good. All the best
  15. These 4 order were from last year, probably those on revisions since 182 days ago.
  16. Yes, somehow your statement justify top rated level.
  17. I am working on Fiverr since 2015. Completed near 1800+ projects and gain 5+ rating but not getting new orders even not getting enquires from the 6 months. I maintained this budget due to my previous client’s orders. Moreover, I did different techniques like paid marketing, share my gigs, and much more but no one work for me. I know Fiverr does not give a guarantee to any seller for orders. Now the question is: How to improve my profile at this level? Looking for your suggestions. Regards, Mobe.
  18. I am totally agree with you. This is the solid reason not getting inquires and decline in sales.
  19. Thanks for your reply. I am doing full time job on Fiverr till now. So according to new policies of Fiverr we need to think about the more options other than the Fiverr.
  20. Hi. I am Mobi. I started my career in Fiverr in 2014 and successfully I completed thousands of orders with 5 rating stars. Moreover, I also worked with success managers of fiverr. Now, I am a bit worried about my carrier because Fiverr replaces my gig from 1st page to 10th page even it’s not showing in #tags and even not receiving any enquires. I am facing this issue for the last 3 months. I want expert opinions and suggestions. Would thankful for your positive suggestions. Regards. Mobi Profile (Mobegig)
  21. Hi Peter, Don’t be afraid. It’s not obligation.
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