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  1. 🤔 I think these types of "buyers" love to talk about mAssages outside fiBer and are the only desperate ones who want to break the rules to scam lol
  2. Here I am ready to win !! I hope so!! xD !! I was super ultra busy 😮 !! 😎let's see what my brain detects here xd : 🐆 💨🙅‍♂️🏆 Leopard Air No Trophy / Win --------------------------------------- 🤔 🧠: fast leopards don't win ? xd
  3. ✉️😴🐕🤥 Envelope Sleep Dog Lying 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠: sleeping dogs lie when the postman visits you? 😂 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠: mAssage to a sleeping dog lying? 😂
  4. uh oh it is difficult xd! lemme squeeze my brain 🤔 pig norway vans vans israel ab blizard calculating things 🧠: Pig nor way vansvans is a blizard squeezing more 🧠: Pig norway shoes is a blizard more 🧠😂: Norwegian pig shoes it's a blizzard! 😂
  5. @jonbaas oh hi! It's nice to see you here again! 😄
  6. oh wait!! moo sick player like plus loop? omg something like with music player? omg omg
  7. I think the arrow sign means you have to read it backwards 😝 So here we go: "the big plus is a thumbs up that listens to sick cows" 😂
  8. 👉🐽👈 - 👉|👈 - 👉🐽👈 - 👉|👈 - 👉🐽👈- 👉|👈 (🐶 🐕 🐕‍🦺 ) 🥰
  9. omg omg hi!!! I think I missed the game xD! .. I'll catch up to post something 😄
  10. If you want to offer this service, you must study it very well since professional services are needed. It is more than a tool to publicize your brand, your blog, your personal brand, and all its potential at a communication and advertising level
  11. That is why you should ask all buyers for the most minimal information, squeeze out all the information they can give you about the design they want, then you will have a solid base and the buyer will not be able to cancel the order. since in a good communication it will be possible to know what that client wants and what not. and you can even know whether or not to start an order with the buyer. Anyway, ask the customer why they want to cancel, and you should not accept a simple "it's because I don't like the logo." the buyer must answer you in detail why he wants to cancel. 😉
  12. It can also happen that the friend of a client who was satisfied, wants you to do something too (video, design, etc) and the friend of that client created an account just to contact you and buy 😄
  13. Just seeing how this works and sharing a quick drawing that I did without color lol 😜 👋 cheers!!


  14. when certain type of sellers stay online 24/7 without success lol 😝 1242×1099 92.4 KB
  15. First, if you want to have 10 orders in queue, that means you are desperate. here there are no secrets. if you are a good seller then you will sell a lot. McDonalds is not desperate, they make good burgers.
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