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  1. I think the issue with work these days is many of the jobs are too exploitative. It used to be somewhat more balanced years ago. Now, they want to squeeze you for a mountain of effort, with little reward. I don't mind lending my time to a project, so long as I'm properly compensated for it. And this is the problem. Most employers or hirers, feel you should be 'happy,' to have been chosen. And asking for too much in return makes you 'greedy,' or 'unappreciative.' This is basically the 'celebrity personal assistant' or 'apprentice' model introduced into 'all' aspects of work. Which really means indentured servitude in a world where people have to pay bills and eat. That's unsustainable. Even interns and PA's at some point will have learned enough to move on to full-time. That's the goal. In sports, the more the player learns about the game, the better they get, which means the more money they can command.
  2. I still relish those rare opportunities to sign my name to a document in cursive. 😉
  3. I rarely get a "Hi," from clients unless it's spam. They usually open with what they're looking for via my services. And my first response is always "Hi," or "Hello," followed by a detailed explanation of how I can help them. Or if I can't help them, a thorough reason as to why I cannot.
  4. When promoting on social media, always remember every platform is different. And therefore, your gig promos have to match the platform you're using at the time. What works for Instagram, might not 'pop' on Twitter. And vice versa.
  5. I think Fiverr, like many freelancing platforms, has certainly lost buyers. But the new buyers that have replaced them are of less than satisfactory quality. That's really the issue. Many businesses lose customers, or see an ebb and flow, or dip in purchases, visitors, and the like. But when new clients arise, you'd like them to keep you solvent until things pick up again and go back to normal. In the case of Fiverr, the 'fresh catch' are 'spoiled...' so to speak. They want more work for less money, give terrible directives, and ask for services they know you don't provide, in hopes of bullying you into an agreement. Furthermore, it seems, at least in my case, that the site is hemorrhaging U.S. users. Many U.S. sellers are getting solicited by foreign clients who either speak little to poor English. While some U.S. clients are running into sellers who are 'posing' as Americans, and don't even get me started on the people using AI to generate poor quality work. At the end of the day, this dubious environment creates a murky platform, where clients and sellers don't trust one another. Er go, interactions are hostile from the jump. And many clients choose not to invest in freelancers. While freelancers, out of fear of malicious intent and their scores taking a hit, are deciding not to work with certain clients. Some of which are legitimately just trying to get a task accomplished. The aura of current Fiverr seems less lively and positive like it did before, and even during the pandemic. Now, it feels more like a wicked game of chicken. Where some clients just want to squeeze some freelancers, and some freelancers are using bad shortcuts to fill orders. Which, in the long run, hurts all freelancers on this platform. In order for morale to improve, Fiverr needs to go back to fostering an environment where sellers and customers aren't bullish on doing business with each other.
  6. Oddly enough. I got a message from a client around 3 am this morning, and only found it at 9 am this morning in my inbox, when I opened the Fiverr app. Normally. I get a notification on my phone, and then an email in my gmail that I have a message on Fiverr. But I got neither, this time.
  7. At the beginning promoted gigs proved to be quite useful. Now however, it has little to no value. You either get a lot of impressions, and no clicks. Or clicks that don't lead to sales. I think this is because the quality of user on Fiverr now, compared to four years or so ago, has also dipped.
  8. At the end of the day. The best bet is to keep Fiverr as an option, but not a figurehead of your business. And this is directly because of private reviews. Like I've said in the past, I've never heard of a website allowing private reviews for any services, unless the purchaser did not leave a review on their earlier purchase. But if they did, then what's the purpose of hassling them for a private one? They most likely leave negative reviews because Fiverr is spamming their email and they don't like that.
  9. So basically, your ascension in level, or demotion in level, will hinge on your success score. And the latter, will hinge on how many orders your gigs have. Er go, if you have multiple gigs that don’t get ‘a ton’ of orders. Or one gig that is purchased ‘every now and then.’ Even if you do good work, and the gig, or gigs in question have high marks from customers. Your success score will fall because the gig isn’t popular enough? That’s a pretty crummy system my friends.
  10. It's time we got this expanded beyond POETRY, GAME WRITING, LETTERS, AND SONG LYRICS.
  11. When it comes to private reviews. A good idea for Fiverr to implement, would be to count private reviews made by purchasers who DID NOT, previously leave a public review. For example, if a buyer bought something on the platform from a seller, didn't leave a review, let the order auto-complete, and left a private review later on - that would count against the seller. As opposed to buyers who leave 4+ or 5 star reviews in public. Then later on, drop it to -4 or less in private.
  12. I'm sure some competitors will try and do this. But overall, it seems to be a rare instance.
  13. I just turned my briefs button back on after having it disabled almost all of last year. So, we'll see. If I don't hear anything by the end of February, it's going back off again.
  14. I don't give samples that are outside of my gig gallery when it comes to writing. People steal, and use them to pass off as their own. What's in the gallery, is all you get. And I will simply direct you to said gallery if you ask for a sample.
  15. Hi. I had a major synopsis writing gig that Fiverr removed awhile ago because they claimed the video I used for the gig, violated their TOS. I asked how, and they'd never tell me. But told me the gig was deleted on their end, and could not be resurrected. Yet as of tonight, I was doing some editing to my slate of gigs and when I went to the 'view my profile page,' my synopsis gig oddly reappeared. Below is a screenshot for proof. I can't access the gig, because when I click the link, it says the page was removed (no longer exists). But I can play the video if I click the button shown in the graphic. I find it bizarre that it just 'showed back up' complete with rating, reviews, and other information. If I could get the gig back actually? That would be much appreciated. I'd gladly take down the offending video (also shown below).
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