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  1. How do you guys handle pricing on novelty orders? These are sometimes nestled within the Buyer Request list, or you are contacted directly by someone asking you to perform a task. You can do the job, but it's not officially listed among any of your gigs. At the same time, it is relevant to, or adjacent to one of the services you do offer. Do you price the job the same as you would a job that falls 'directly' in line with the services you offer on Fiverr? Do you price higher, since you're stepping out of your gig zone a bit? Do you price down?
  2. Hey everyone! I am a creative, content and copywriter for hire. Whether it's original screenplays, book/film synopses, loglines, press releases, business names/slogans, or social media/influencer marketing — I will deliver on your project in a professional, and timely manner. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message here on Fiverr.




  3. In my experience Promoted Gigs is a really weird system. When you’re using it: * Sometimes the bid price for a category fluxuates too often. * Sometimes your promoted gig gets a ton of impressions (hundreds), then all of a sudden slows down DRAMATICALLY (20 or less). * Fiverr suddenly decides you are no longer eligible to use promoted gigs for a certain period of time. (this can happen when you’re right in the midst of using it, or don’t have it turned on at all). *Fiverr will also punish you for adjusting your bid price too much, even though you’re just trying to meet their often fluxuating CPC and not over or under bid. *Some of your gigs will not be eligible to be promoted despite having high marks across the board. Now the positives about Promoted Gigs are: * You will certainly have periods where your inbox will blow up with a steady stream of messages from potential customers. Some will be interested in making a purchase, others will be robust inquiries, and others will just be people sniffing around, and a tiny number will be spam. * Prepare yourself for the occasional, random big money order from a few clients. Overall, it’s a system with good potential. Fiverr just needs to perfect it like google did with Adsense. Right now, in terms of who qualifies, why, and when…it’s way too erratic for an in-house ad serving service. Fiverr might want to look at how sites such as Facebook, linkedin, Pinterest, or even Twitter operate their promoted/advertising platform and use that as a blueprint. What exists now is clunky and very inconsistent.
  4. I can somewhat see your point, but only if it's a small, non-time-consuming order you're filling like an instagram post/shoutout or something.
  5. I disagree. It’s about setting a certain precedent. If you let dishonest clients know early in the game that you fold under pressure and are willing to ‘work for free,’ they’ll keep pulling the same stunt over and over again. The only way, imo, you ever initiate a cancellation after filling the order, is if your work wasn’t sufficient due to an error or bad effort on your end. In this case, the client told her they were satisfied with their order. Then returned later to ‘claim’ they weren’t, with an abusive attitude to boot. Always a red flag.
  6. In this scenario, you always swallow the bad review. It’s a bitter pill sure, but you did a robust amount of work to fill the clients order. I’ve dealt with situations like this in the past, and you always take the hard earned money.
  7. I had this same problem when I was testing the cash advance feature earlier this year. It takes a few weeks after alerting CS of the problem but eventually, the remaining balance will be deducted.
  8. In my experience, my max cap wasn't that high. I don't think I ever needed to set it beyond $0.50. However it did change a lot. Like for example, the max bid for a particular category would be $0.30 one day, then a few days later it would be $0.19. So I had to keep lowering, and then increasing my bid; sometimes twice a week.
  9. I would estimate it took around 3 weeks? I simply contacted customer support here at Fiverr. They passed my request along to another department. Then one day, during a withdrawal, the remaining $2.82 was finally deducted. As for the cash advance option (little green button), I haven't seen it appear since then if that's what you're asking. I originally decided to test out the cash advance feature starting on February 26th.
  10. My situation was resolved eventually. Took awhile though, but, the loose change leftover was eventually deducted. And the loan paid back in full.
  11. Happens every once in awhile. Just send it to CS and let them cancel it.
  12. As a new seller I too took on jobs for just $5. But the plan was always to raise prices as I gained more reviews, and completed a healthy number of orders. It's just the machinations of being 'in demand' and gaining familiarity with the overall platform, and customer base. But I also made sure not to do HEAVY jobs for that price. The work and time necessary just couldn't be covered for five bucks. If the client disagreed well, tough.
  13. The pic thing on here is so odd though. Like when looking for people to hire, I see profiles with pictures that don’t even come close to matching up with the overall aesthetic of their gig description. It’s like who do they think they’re fooling?
  14. Perhaps, a bit of hyperbole. But I was just making the overall point that so many potential clients on here put out feelers for major work or projects, with set prices that are extremely low. Makes me wonder who would emerge to actually take the gig at such an anemic price?
  15. So the time and effort it takes to develop, then perfect, multiple potential slogans for a company or brand, you'd do that for just $5?
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