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Buyers requests full of sellers offers


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Hi good evening/morning

So I check out the buyers requests section every now and then since I’ve not got any requests yet 😕
But anyways , I find a lot of sellers posting their services for money and they get buyers.

So is this legit ? can I do it too ? if not ,aren’t these offers supposed to be removed or something ?


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Dear Za:

If you search the forum you’ll find this issue has been discussed many times.

Here are some articles with more information about effective ways to handle Buyer Requests:

Buyer Requests (BR) is FOR BUYERS to request custom offers from Sellers. (see Key Terms etc. in following link on what is a buyer, a seller, an order, an offer, a gig etc. and memorize them - it´s easier to get correct replies on the forum when you post about issues, if you use the correct terms so everyone knows what you´re talking about: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service) It is NOT for Sellers to post their Gigs and services and offers, actually that can get you into trouble. Kind…

Have you been struggling to get orders? Then you’ve probably looked at the Buyer Request section a few times now, and maybe you’ve sent a few offers. As a buyer whose posted requests before, here are some tips for how to actually appeal to the seller: Edit before you send. Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct and that your sentences flow and make sense. The buyer won’t sit there for ten minutes trying to figure out what you had tried to say and they are very unlikely to message…

And here are the Fiverr Terms of Service:

To sum up, no, Sellers posting their services via Buyer Requests is not legit, and it’s not something you should do if you want to build a reputation on Fiverr for honesty and integrity.

Good luck,

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They are not getting buyers. They are getting a bunch of people who don’t understand basic English sending them offers to do the work. Say I create a seller request stating I will do Photoshop editing for 5$. Some sick person who only thinks English is a person(Johnny English) and not a language, will quickly click on send offer, send his offer to do the same job. Boom, two monkeys on a tree.

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I am so tired of seeing all the advertising taking place in the Buyer Requests section. Those of us who are working do not want to see advertising. We are sellers intent on finding a request that we can bid on. May I suggest a reporting system similar to reporting buyers who propose an inappropriate transaction.

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