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Buyer sent corrupted file and now he is not responding


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I know it will cost me, but how I can deal with this. Even If I got more time, he wouldn’t respond to me, I’m 100% sure. I am refraining from cursing but this is bad…

I wanted to give my services, to be out there on fiverr, now I have to go away from searches. I get hundreds of impressions on my gigs, now I will get barely because of this…

Don’t worry. It will be OK. I still think you did the right thing with the amount of time you had left.

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So he sent me a corrupted file, I told him it’s corrupted and he said he will upload it somewhere else. And that is the last message he sent. I only have couple of hours left and he didn’t sent file even he was online couple time. Now I don’t know what to do.

Help please

And that is the last message he sent.

contact the resolution center.

  1. try to extend the delivery time
  2. if buyer still unresponsive, then cancel the order.
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