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What differentiates your Gig from that of your competitors? Price and experience being similar, what can you do to close the deal and make the sale?

A Buyer isn’t just looking for someone with the qualifications to do their job. They want someone who cares about meeting their needs. They want to know that you have the insight, intelligence, and understanding to complete their task and that you care about the outcome. 

Your Gig description and FAQs (frequently asked questions) are the most powerful tools to convert a potential Buyer. 



A Gig Description should include four essential elements:

An effective Fiverr description begins with a hook -- one or two sentences that immediately show the Buyer you know what you’re doing and you “get it.” Offer your insight into the task. This could be a simple statistic or opinion about the task: Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or financial analyst, what is the one principle you follow that makes you an effective Seller? What’s your number one rule when tackling a new challenge?

Your Introduction must be laser-focused on your Gig. This is where you express why you’re the person to do this job: your years of experience creating relevant work, the number of orders you’ve completed, and customer satisfaction. Your goal is to build a Buyer’s trust. Remember, you want to project confidence based on experience.

Likewise, your Gig Details reflect in detail the specifics of the job. This is your opportunity to set expectations and to provide your Buyer with a clear example of your insight. Based on your experience, offer a perspective your Buyer may have yet to consider. For example, a writer might ask for insight into the potential readership, or a voice-over artist might ask questions about pacing and performance. What questions will help you more accurately determine the Buyer's needs while simultaneously building their confidence in your abilities?



Finally, FAQs anticipate the questions your Buyer may ask—this should reflect the most common questions you’ve received in the past or ones that you anticipate. This section will change and evolve, but it is a critical selling tool. Like your description, FAQs show the Buyer that you’re ready for them and have anticipated their needs. Include at least 3-5 FAQs per Gig, but include as many as you feel worthwhile. 

Uncertain of what questions to include? Check some of your competitors to get some ideas of questions that Buyers might be often asking.

Effective selling (and achieving customer satisfaction) is about building confidence and setting expectations. Taking the time to craft your presentation will increase your sales and success on Fiverr.

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So keep in mind this is referencing how to increase your conversion rate. Essentially if you have a good amount of impressions and clicks but low orders then this could be useful. If buyers aren't seeing your gig you FAQ doesn't matter at all, same thing with if they see your gig thumbnail but aren't clicking on it. 

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