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I need help from senior freelancers here


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Hi Everyone,
I am facing a serious issue. Due to certain personal issues in my life. Many of my clients have cancelled their orders or went negative. My personal life was so messed up that it left serious effects on my profile. Its my only source of earning. Now when i am trying to get back to it everything is slipping through my hands. I could have never imagined my ratings would drop to 92%. I am seriously upset. Please guide me what can i do to lift my profile again. the steps which i can take to eventually take my profile back to 100% ratings. I know it wont be easy. But now i am ready to take all steps to make it smooth. Please guide me how can i get my lost ratting back. Is that practically possible? According to my calculations i might need 1000’s of positive ratings to get back to 100%. Is that practically possible. Can someone provide me examples of similar cases. I am really upset and need help. I would really appreciate if customer support could guide me in this matter. Fiver is like life line for me. It gave me hope when everywhere else there was dark.

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