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The recent ban of a Fiverr seller on anti-semitic grounds


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I made an account on Fiverr about six or seven months back. I really started using the portal only recently. However, I followed the news pretty ardently I would say because I have a certain fascination towards the Fiverr community.

Recently, I read an article which said that a YouTuber by the name of > PewDiePie paid a duo of Fiverr sellers to laugh hysterically for three minutes while holding up an anti-semitic banner. And to the surprise of the YouTuber and the website, the sellers delivered.

As a closing note, the website said that the sellers were banned by Fiverr and at that time I did think that Fiverr did what it was supposed to. But when I read more into it, I learned that the sellers were actually from a remote part of India.

I don’t know if my views will matter in a literate, and if I may daresay, privileged community but most of the sections from where the sellers were are actually completely oblivious to world history. I know it is hard to believe, but it is fact.

I completely understand why Fiverr had to take the measures and I applaud them for their lightning fast crackdown but don’t you guys think some more investigation is necessary?

The YouTuber is perpetrating nothing less than a hate crime here under the guise of some cheap humor. No serious action has been taken against him but the simple demonetization of his video by YouTube. On the other hand we have our sellers whose, from the looks of it, a major portion of the income comes from Fiverr.

I would really love it if Fiverr can look a bit more into the matter. And I know Fiverr will. The community is so splendid here.

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