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How to deal with cancellations when no other options is available?


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I have made more than 650 orders with a 98% completion rate. However, these past days, I don’t really know why, but I need to cancel a lot of orders because the buyers don’t read my description correctly where I ask to send me a PM before purchasing… I can completely understand that some people don’t want or don’t take the time to read the description… However, in my main gig case, where I offer web development services, it’s pretty logical to send me a PM before purchasing because… Obviously, I can’t make a complete website for $5 (even small tasks). But some buyers don’t understand : they purchase my gig, ask me to make a complete website and when I request a cancellation, sometimes, they don’t understand why. So I explain in details that making a website is not a 5 minutes task (and again, I can understand that some non-tech people can think that it’s not a difficult job while it is).

But in general, buyers accept to cancel however, I know that cancellations affect my profile and my gig ranking, while it is really not my fault. When people send me messages, I provide them with a quote which results on an offer that they accept. In these cases, I never cancel (or maybe I had to cancel one or two times for the 650 orders I had).

So my question is : is there a way to have a mutual cancellation where it doesn’t affect my gig ranking?


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