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The best tip for sellers on Fiverr


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Hello everyone, I am new on Fiverr but have a lot of experience as a T-shirt designer.

I used to specialized in custom made T-shirts. people used to contact me and ask for a cool T-shirt for an event (birthday, wedding, valentine and etc…)

After years in the business I already had my “personal templates”. Designs I created many times with small changes for each client. I knew how good they work and what to change for each case. It worked every time. It took me a while to create my templates from my own experince, but when I had them ready I could work with them very easy and fast.

With this lesson, I come to Fiverr. I have some skills I can work with and create cool things very easy and fast any charge very low prices, that are a good fit for Fiverr buyers.

I hope each one of over here finds his own voice and master their skill in it, to make awesome stuff and profit from it.

That is my best tip, thanks for reading and please like and comment on this.

Crazy Richard

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