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How to Get back Fiverr Batch with my Experience


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Hello guys no body say you newbie if you have sufficient information that met the topper criteria and and as well as rules and regulation follower .i joined the Fiverr 2 year ago with bit struggle i got my first order and after it 2nd , 3rd and so oon hence i got level 1 batch and i showed extra ordinary skills and God level two batch while my response rate was Possitive ratting 100% average response time 1 hour .All was working good and then one day Got a message from a client he urged me to met outside the Fiverr i had already read the fiver terms so i denied , but in thing denying as i was using cell phone , i used restricted word, Pay, Money , Paypal , as i was not agree so we met no deal Chat end, Next morning what i see my batch got disapear ,i contacted to fiverr support they told me for using restricted words your batch is taken back and you have to re struggle to get this back in a time i lose my heart ,but did not lost the hope , And by the Grace of God Almightly in the start of 2016 i got my all batch back and now m going to soon top level seller ,And that,s due to my fairness and positiveness . And that is also key for you to get your Batch Back.

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