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How to get money back


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If the seller delivered something, then the order is completed in the Fiverr system. Just because you did not like the delivery, does not mean that the seller didn’t deliver the order. Once delivered, most sellers move on to other orders, and there is no more need to communicate. This means that if the seller delivered your order, and is no longer communicating with you, they have not done anything wrong.

If you did not like what the seller delivered, you will have to process a revision request from the Resolution Center. This restarts the order, and forces the seller to address your revision request. You need to process this request in order to pursue further work on your order.

Please keep in mind, though, some sellers do not offer free revisions. You may have to purchase revision work. If they have established that they offer no revisions, you cannot legally force them to adjust your order for free. You are not entitled to free work, unless the seller allows it. Most sellers are open to revisions, though, and you need only process a revision request for them to make the requested adjustments to your order.

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