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Hello Fiverr Family,
I really need your help. I never get clients on fiverr. Like, i offer services on cheap rate. Still i don’t get any. I was disappointed two times before and stopped using fiverr. This is the third time I have created an account that it may work this time.

Fiverr has been a great platform for many people but not for me. I just don’t know hwat is wrong with my gigs. Like i am ready to provide all the services and fast delivery too.

I have seen many tutorials but nothing is working for me. Can someone please guide me? Please guys, I need your help!

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They are minor, but I see some grammar mistakes in your gig description.
It might help if you hire someone to edit them.
Also this is just my opinion, your designs seem fine to me, but I do get that feeling
that the overall style of the sample images are quite similar.
Perhaps change your some of your design samples and create something that is
really unique in design? I think your card designs are OK, but they look very standard.
Some people prefer a very unique and fun looking card.

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Hello Wamzaha…

Saw your gigs, you’ve done well… Now just wait for the right client to land on your gig and you will get your first order… For me, the quick way was getting the right clients through buyer request, try to send all 10 daily and you might get a client in a day or 7 days max…

Don’t repeat the same request text for all the buyers, always write unique as per the client requirement and do ask the questions…

It worked for me, hope it works for you too.

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