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Breaking through the charity barrier


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Hi there my fellow Fiverr colleagues,

Let me give you a brief glance at my Fiverr ‘career’ so far; would love to hear your experiences.

I am an active seller (& buyer) since the beginning of this year. In that time I have done a lot of research on how to get more views, clicks and generally get the necessary attention for my gigs. Hours and hours have gone into this website; changing gigs, deleting old gigs that barely get noticed, adding new gigs, adding videos, etc…You all know the hassle. Now I am at a point where one of my gigs is getting “a lot” of reach (read: more than the others), but that is pretty much it, reach… (Are these numbers even close to reality?)

Yes, I have experimented with pricing, offering way more than other competitors for the same price, just to get some orders in. I have even ordered from multiple other “high rated” sellers who are offering the same type of gigs as me, just to find out that the work they provide lacks any form of quality at all… yet their customers seem to be very happy about it. This really gets me frustrated, as I know I have so much more to offer, rather than just a “Hi” & “Bye”, yet I can not seem to get a breakthrough or get my gigs to receive the attention they deserve.

I intentionally started on Fiverr to develop myself in my career and to help out (starting) online businesses. I do not intend to make this a full time job whatsoever, but it would be nice to see some more orders rolling in and ACTUALLY getting to the point I can help out clients and businesses, rather than spending all my spare time in changing, deleting and adding new gigs over and over again. Basically I am tired of doing this charity work that only benefits Fiverr.

Please share your thoughts / opinions. Did you break through this barrier or are you in the same position as me? Would love to hear some feedback.


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