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Get ready to roll your eyes....yes it\'s from my inbox!


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There are so many hilarious things that happen in a fiverr seller’s inbox. If you feel like sharing some of your glorious inbox happenings feel free to hit the comments, here is one message I got a few minutes ago from a certain buyer:

I am looking for professional medical editors/ writers on a long term basis.

Rewrite medical articles based on a already researched fact sheet. Every article is 2000 words and takes around 3 hours to complete. The articles are aimed at a professional medical audience.


  • You have a deep understanding of medicine and you are pursuing/ have completed a medical degree.
  • You have excellent English writing and scientific skills
  • You are familiar with academic reference styles (AMA)
  • You are willing to work 40-50 hours per week.


  • Write whenever you want, at a time that you decide.
  • All the work is online. Work from your preferred location.
  • We offer you a sustained 3-6 month job security.
  • Broaden your medical knowledge by tackling a variety of topics.

Payment is $5 per article. I would be needing 60 articles/month.
Please message if interested.
Cheers! [🙂]

I’m yet to respond to this generous soul, I was actually thinking of taking them on a ride but that would be wasting my own time which I prefer to waste on the forums instead. Too bad its my response rate that suffers if I do not respond to the message, so I will just hit the “report” button, they deserve it!!!

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Get a brief! I mean like a questionnaire that prospects have to fill out. I implemented this recently and it’s proving one of the best business decisions I’ve made this year. It saves me a lot of time, ensures my response rate is all good, scares off tire kickers, and even better, I get a brief that answers the things I need to know without the clueless, meandering waffle that so often affects new buyers who know what they want, but not how to say it.

Additionally, it adds another layer of professionalism to my business. This particular buyer in the OP is most likely a reseller who won’t answer the questionnaire, so I would then just ignore them. If they did, I’d mention my prices (“with research, that’s $125 for 400 words”).

Bye, bye bae! Although for this bloke, I think it would be closer to $700.

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One day a lazy reseller will gift you with one. That said, Google around a bit, find a template, work it up a bit and make the questions relevant to what you need to know. Already thinking of making more for the other gigs, it really does save a lot of time and has so many applications!

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