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How to Use buyer request to Sell your Gig


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Only 10 buyer requests in 24 hours so use them carefully

1- Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Selling -> Buyer Requests

2- Requests matching the subject for a Gig you offer will appear on the Recent Buyer Requests page.


3- Don’t start sending requests randomly

4- Read buyers requests carefully before submitting offer.

5- Be professional, it is same as going on interview for any other job in your life. Show that you know and understand their request.

one more thing,you guys should only respond to that offer which you are 100% sure that you can do it.

6- instead of sending gig orders you guys should use custom orders.

7- Don’t consider a request which already got 25+ requests.

Thank you.

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Custom Order means You can discuss(message) with Buyer and Understand buyer Requirement Then you can quote your price is $5 or More as per suitable price.
Open message within the list.
Click Create an Offer.
Describe your offer by including all the necessary details.
Click Submit Offer.

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If you have enough request credits left and it’s almost the end of the day, I don’t see a problem sending offers to requests which have more than 20 replies.

A lot of those requests can be spam, offers which are lacking the English necessary to get the point across or buyers who have less to offer than you.

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