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I. need someone to write descriptions of my handmade jewelry


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I think the original post is by someone who wants to start selling original jewelry on Fiverr, but has not set up a gig for that yet because she (he?) wants to get a well-worded description of her jewelry first to use in the description. But to get that, she needs to show a picture of the jewelry to someone who will help her describe it using accurate, attention-getting, clear English that will lead to sales.

But the message system at fiverr has a reputation for preventing the sending of personal e-mail addresses and most outside web addresses (URLS) to prevent people from using the message system to arrange outside transactions.

So, can the original poster just send pics (jpg or png) through the fiver message system to people who can help, either as a free favor or as a $5 gig? Or make a pdf file containing pics and text and send that as an attachment in a message?

If not, the original poster might try to use the “Request a Gig” feature on Fiverr (see the green sidebar) which lets you post a short general request. Then if someone answers, you could send pics and text in a pdf. file made in a word processor.

Among the things she might need to show and tell for jewelry include:

a. type of pieces: rings, ear-rings, necklace, bracelet, pin, etc.

b. work is original or not

c. work can be customized to buyers choice of size or not

d. materials: are they real gems or pseudo-gems, silver, etc.

e. return policy

f. shipping cost estimator - what about international shipping costs on top of sales price?

g. and more…?

Good Luck!

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Another idea that would cost you $20 to $100 and take a week or two, but might give you excellent results. Is this OK for Fiverr rules and TOS? If not, moderators can and will and should remove this post.

There are many, many sellers on fiverr who make high quality promotional videos, sometimes labeled as “reviews” or “testimonials” or “spokeman” or “model” or “voiceover” gigs, etc.

Consider buying gigs from one of them, or maybe even a few of them. Sending them free samples of your jewelry and ask them to make a video wearing it, describing it, modeling it with close-up views, etc. Then they post the video on Youtube, and/or send it to you for you to use in your fiverr sales sample pics and videos.

Win-Win if they get some free jewelry and get paid for a gig they like doing anyway, and you get some high quality sales and writing help. And they are quite good at improvising and presenting positive, promotional messages. (And Fiverr gets paid their share of some more gigs, too.)

Is it OK to recommend specific sellers to do this?

Cost estimate:

a. buy 1 to 3 “promo video” gigs through Fiverr = $15 ~ $30 or more for longer videos

b. mail a few jewelry pieces to each of them (but how to get addresses?) $10 ~ $30

c. get the videos from them and post your own gig or link to them on youtube

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Guest andrap

I hope it is not against the rules to promote your own gig-but I’d be more than happy to write those descriptions for you,I’ve had previous experience writing just that, and my gigs are very well rated!

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