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Deliverables Held Hostage For 5 Stars


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New to fiverr … I posted a couple of gigs and received about 15 designers replying to each. I selected 2 of them and was very excited. Unfortunately, both have been nightmares.

1 in particular will not deliver the final files until I leave a 5 star rating. Is this how fiverr works? I did not see anywhere that you must leave 5 stars before you receive the product that you have already paid for before the job started. I even see some designers with 4.5 and lower ratings so I am not understanding why a 5 star rating is required to have files delivered.

The project is late, designed in the wrong colors, and not vectorized. I was not going to leave negative feedback, but why leave 5 stars just to get the files so I can finish the work myself?

Is this indeed a policy I missed and if not, how do I avoid this hostage situation in the future?


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Hi . That is against the fiverr policy . Holding of files in order to get favorable reviews . So, you can said them polity first or You can also contact customer support regarding this issue . They will help you.
Plus you can edit your feedback in 3 days also .

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