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I tried hard for more than 2 weeks to apply for work on fiverr but nothing happens. I don’t know but may be it’s my bad luck.
What annoys me the most is the loads of buyer requests which actually are sellers.
However, when I tried to post one, Fiverr wasted no time to remove my request.
What kind of a stupid website is this??

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If you are not getting any sales then the problem is with you not Fiverr. Fiverr is just a platform where people sell there services. Fiverr will not find buyers specially for you or any another seller.
You’ve mentioned in your post that you’ve tried to post request on buyer’s request section. My friend let me tell you one thing, that section is specifically for buyers. Only STUPID sellers advertise there gig on BR section. Fiverr is trying its best to remove all promoting requests from that section, same thing happened with you. Still some STUPID sellers manages to get there request on BR page.

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You just joined in July??? Some sellers wait months to get their first sale.

Instead of calling this a stupid site you should invest some time to learn about this wonderful plattform.

Read the forum rules, visit the Fiverr Academy and listen to the podcasts.

In order to be successful here you have to invest a lot of time and work. This is not a get rich quick plattform.

Best of luck!

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It took me months browsing Fiverr and applying to buyers requests before finally getting a couple of jobs. And today I finally made level 1 seller. So hang in there, it will come.

I do have a few comments regarding your gigs - it might be a good idea to edit for more favorable results.

  • Your selfie photo as gig image does not give me the impression of a professional content writer.
  • Your descriptions lack sales content that pull buyers in. Formatting your paragraphs also go a long way.

If this is the first impression that you give, then your buyers will not have much confidence in your services. I suggest improving your gigs before complaining that Fiverr is disgusting.

Best of luck

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@sajeednoor I do see that you have had a bit of an attitude change after reading the replies to you and I admire your willingness to listen. I’m going to add to them for whatever it’s worth. If you want to make sales on Fiverr, you will need to do a lot more research and put much more effort into it. There are so many people trying to sell here so if you aren’t selling something very unique, you’ll have to compete hard.

I also took a look at your gigs. You promise content writing that is “a class apart” and yet you’ve got multiple errors in your samples and gig descriptions. You don’t have to be a perfect writer to sell writing. I’m a native English speaker more than twice your age, and I’m not at all perfect. I have typos in plenty of my forum posts. In my gigs, though, I’m realistic about not just my skill level but what I intend to offer. I can proofread but I hate doing it, so I charge extra for it and usually outsource it. If you are going to make big statements, though, you’ve got to back them up.

Another thing I noticed was that in at least one of your gigs, your gig image isn’t a sample of writing but a sizable picture of you looking angry. (You may not actually be angry but if I was a buyer, I would find that off-putting.) Your profile picture looks all right to me even if it is a basic selfie and you look serious, but not angry in that one, plus it’s a small image so it’s not bad IMO. For the gig images, though, I would remove any pictures of yourself and put up more samples of your writing and make that writing your very best.

Make sure you are very familiar with the way Fiverr works when you make promises in your gig descriptions. I saw this written in one of your gigs: “If you didn’t like my work take half of your money back. Yes you heard it right take half of your money back.” How do you plan to enforce that statement? Fiverr has a method to refund a buyer in full, but there is no way to give a partial refund. Even if there were, when you are new a buyer is likely to start with a $5 order to check you out. They’ll pay $5.50 total including the processing fee. Fiverr takes $1 of that off the top for their commission. So, you can’t send half back but if you could, you’d have to send $2.75 back out of the $4 you receive and you would be left with $1.25. In other words, “half back” as a guarantee is a bad idea and can’t be done, so read the Terms of Service and the other links @annai80 gave you and take that guarantee out. Either offer a full refund or not.

I’m being tough on you because you wrote a harsh post and you seem like you are willing to hear constructive criticism. Spend some time getting to know this place, get to know the forum regulars, read a lot, ask questions, make your gigs great and at first you’ll have to offer buyers a really big reason to buy from you. If you do that and stick around long enough, you might make something work. Finally, as a side note, even if you had been able to post an ad in Buyer Requests like some other silly people do, buyers wouldn’t be able to see it. Buyers can post requests, but they can’t see the posts, only sellers can see them. All those people advertising in BR are wasting their time and energy and risk an account ban for nothing.

Good luck!

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