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Still not getting orders, please help


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I had a quick look at your profile and here are a couple suggestions. I think by making some of these changes you will see better success.

1. Your intro has some grammar errors:
I have been in the writing and marketing field since 2008. I am here to give you good articles that will boost your business in the areas of converting website traffic, SEO and making unlimited sales. I have a few gigs here that will assist you make waves like the top online marketing gurus.

2. Your images need a little work:
This image, in particular, is difficult to read because of the light text on a light backgound.

This image has a big error in the word “unique”:

3. Your profile picture is stock art:
The top people in the writing categories tend to have very real looking photos or they use images that imply a commitment to writing. Your image is so professional it comes across as fake.

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I looked too and agree with egoant. And, not trying to be mean, but you have a gig that offers to fix grammar, punctuation, etc.

You’re not going to get a lot of bites on an article writing gig or the grammar/punctuation gig if you have that many typos.

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I looked too and agree with other sellers.
You should improve your profile description and change the photos of your gig. To create a great layout and photo for your Gig you can use Canva site. It offers a free service and you can create great and innovative layout.

I hope you will find the best way for you.

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