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Dissapointed with sellers work


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I ordered my first gig a couple of days ago and received the finished work yesterday.

My order was simply to convert a test image to AI vector and redraw on of the letters (which I’d added) in the same style.

The finished work is a very simplistic version of the original which I could have done easily with my own limited Photoshop skills.

I requested a revision stating precisely the reasons for my dissatisfaction and asked the seller to tell me if he was unable to perform the original task.

He has just responded saying that he cannot do it any better.

Please offer advise on my next step


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I requested a cancellation on the basis that the seller was unable to fulfill my order.
The seller has responded with a simple “Ok”.

I’m unsure as to what happens now.
Do I have to do anything or is it the seller’s responsibility to act? (It’s actually quite difficult to find categorical information in the help section hence my asking experienced users directly)

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