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Fiverr needs to take care of new sellers

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Since I am new on Fiverr I have quite struggled to get my first sale, because of the following reasons:

  1. No reviews (in order for buyers to feel safe, they need to see a review)
  2. Too much competition

Those two reasons are quite common problem to every new seller. Fiverr is just being too greedy and doesn’t care about new sellers. I mean every person should be able to give away a free service for at least 1 time in the beginning, in order to receive a review.

Take in consideration, it is wise to do so.

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Every seller starts out at the same spot. It’s up to YOU to make your gig stand out so you can start getting sales. Have you even done the basics to try to get a sale?

  • Use the buyer requests
  • Market yourself on social media
  • Market yourself locally

You can’t just create a gig and expect Fiverr to magically give you customers. You have to put in some effort yourself to get off the ground.

Also, you’re in a pretty competitive field with logo design. You need to make yourself really stand out because your designs you have showcased seem really bland. And, try writing a better bio to describe yourself and your services instead of what’s already up. Start doing these things and market yourself daily and customers should come.

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